Technology Apocalypse – Fighting Wi-Fi Dead zones

Warning: Wi-Fi dead zones in your home   Beware… there is a widespread rise of routers that are hostile to human life. They are engaging in a general assault on civilization. It appears that Wi-Fi dead zones are infecting the population in their most beloved native environment  – the home. Plaguing houses, apartments and the […]

Why settle for less? Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation, the best Wi-Fi for short lets!

“Can you hear me?” “Your voice is sounding very robotic” “Sorry I can’t quite hear what you are saying” “Now you’ve frozen all together” There will be some of you reading this who know straight away the frustration – the pain – of staying in an apartment with poor Wi-Fi. It takes a toll on […]

A Solution for when your rented Wi-Fi is not working!

When the rented Wi-Fi is not working… You’re eyes sting as your eyelids rock back and forth. The dim light in front of you is the only thing keeping you awake. It is 3am and you are giving your essay one last read before submission. You slowly trace the lines along the page until finally, […]

Instant internet for travellers – Wi-Fi for the digital nomad

Thanks to technology, more and more of us are adopting location independent lifestyles. Many of have become digital nomads reliant on our electronic devices for stability and security. Similarly if you are a business traveller, technology is an essential help when integrating into a new city or town. Without being connected to a source of […]

The importance of Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation

The best Wi-Fi for students We use the internet for everything. From streaming music to watching films. That’s is why as a student it is crucial to have the best Wi-Fi for students – Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation! Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation is a managed internet service that guarantees you an equal share of bandwidth for all […]

Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation – Wi-Fi without contracts

Hassle free Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation Nobody likes extra hassle when moving into a new home. Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation will put your Wi-Fi worries at ease providing reliable Wi-Fi without contracts. The life of a tenant can be daunting. There are so many contracts to read and sign, most of which are in vague and confusing […]

Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation – the student Wi-Fi for you!

Why Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation is the best student Wi-Fi… Student Wi-Fi is the bread and butter of a higher educational diet. Student Wi-Fi is essential for maintaining a routine.Whether you’re listening to music while your cooking, streaming a fim, or even watching lecture recording, a good Wi-Fi connection is a must! Poor Student Wi-Fi shouldn’t interrupt […]

Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation… Full coverage Wi-Fi without dead zones!

Time for a trip… Why not treat yourself? The Easter break is just around the corner and it is the perfect time for a family getaway. There are a whole range of beautiful locations to visit both in the UK and abroad. If you are struggling for ideas check out TripAdvisor’s best destinations in the […]

The best Wi-Fi for students? Unlimited student Wi-Fi!

Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation Nobody wants to be limited by a data cap. That’s why Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation offers you unlimited data, making it the best Wi-Fi for students. It can hand all your electronic devices, from Laptops to smart televisions. Unlimited student Wi-Fi mean unlimited amounts of fun! Unlimited data Video We make Wi-Fi work […]

And the best Wi-Fi for short lets is… Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation!

Powered by Landlord Broadband, a managed internet service provider you can always rely on while travelling for business! As a seasoned business traveller, there are a few things I look out for when booking my accommodation. Comfort, location and above all, a great Wi-Fi connection. The internet has changed the way we travel. Over the […]