An Introduction to the Build to Rent Sector

What is Build-to-Rent? Build to Rent is a small sector of new developments. The design is specifically for the rental market. Build to rent accommodation is usually made up of around 50 homes, flats or apartments, all owned by one landlord. The current build to rent market creates accessible homes and affordable housing for professionals, […]

Wi-Fi for build to rent properties

Broadband for new build properties Superfast Wi-Fi can cost just as much as utility bills in this day and age. It can also add to the stress of keeping track of your bills. Here at Landlord Broadband, we aim to give you fast, hassle-free managed broadband in order to ensure reliable rental Wi-Fi and create […]

Property Technology and the Build to Rent Revolution

The Revolution In the wake of Britain leaving the EU, the country will have to make alternative investments in its future. If it wants to economically compete with the rest of the world, technology is one of the most efficient ways the country can invest. According to Computer Weekly, ‘The UK technology sector is growing […]

The Bare Necessities: Broadband and Build To Rent Properties

Built to Rent The build to rent market is getting stronger than ever. According to Property Week, ‘For the first time ever, BTR homes across the UK regions equal those underway in London, with 62,021 BTR homes either completed, under construction or being planned outside the capital, compared with 62,016 in the capital.’  Traditionally, build […]

Ditching Bills and The Best Wi-Fi for New Build Properties

“Housing shortage”, “UK housing crisis”, “We need more affordable homes” etc. The aforementioned headlines have been in the UK news for well over a year now. The issue does not seem to be going away. With the prospect of buying a property slowly disappearing, more and more people are turning to privately rented accommodation to […]

A New Strategy – Internet For New Developments

Wi-Fi Without the Jargon The average speed of Wi-Fi in a UK home is 3.7mbps (Megabit per second). That’s fast right? Or is it slow?… Technology jargon has long blinded the public, including Build To Rent developers. However, an increase in our dependence on the internet now means it is an amenity that we cannot […]

Wi-Fi in New Developments Can Add Value in 3 Ways

Wi-Fi in new developments: For Build To Rent tenants, Wi-Fi/internet for new developments is now more important than ever. Whether that be for working, entertainment or keeping connected- fast Wi-Fi is essential for raising customer satisfaction and increasing occupancy. In fact, 5 out of 10 of Homeviews’ top 10 developments in 2021 featured Wi-Fi in […]

Broadband for Multi-occupancy properties

Broadband for Multiple Occupancy Properties So, you bought the fastest advertised broadband for multiple occupancy properties in the market. But, your tenants still can’t watch a movie without constant buffering. As landlords, we know how hard it is to provide good quality internet for your tenants! Most people believe internet quality is equal to the […]