Built to Rent

The build to rent market is getting stronger than ever. According to Property Week, ‘For the first time ever, BTR homes across the UK regions equal those underway in London, with 62,021 BTR homes either completed, under construction or being planned outside the capital, compared with 62,016 in the capital.’  Traditionally, build to rent developments comprise of purpose build houses or apartment, built on a large scale. They often involve modern constructions methods and have gained popularity more recently because of the large demand for homes within the UK. Currently, the demand for build to rent properties, and homes in general, far out way the supply. While many are sceptical that the build to rent market can fill the housing void, the flexibility that many young professionals need in their lives means that the build to rent market holds even stronger prospect for the future.

build to rent broadband for new developments

Broadband for New Developments

With the build to rent market booming, new developers must ensure that the specifications of their property are just right. Tenants are looking for more diverse ways of living. Build to rent homes offer a variety of models for different lifestyles. It is important when designing your property that you have a target audience in mind – professionals, students etc. What is more important though is making your own property diverse so that it can adapt to match future demand. This can be done by efficiently providing the basic necessities that we all need such as water, electricity and efficient Wi-Fi. Broadband for new developments is essential if developers want to attract tenants.

How we can help!

Landlord Broadband can provide one monthly Wi-Fi bill for your entire property portfolio. Thus making the administration of bills quick and easy to sort through. Moreover, we provide a fast and reliable Wi-Fi service. It is the best broadband for new developments and for existing properties.

Landlord Broadband offers the unique service of providing high-quality Broadband for new build properties. Unlike other internet providers, we tailor our Wi-Fi installations to the individual developer’s needs. This allows us to fulfil certain guarantees for the Wi-Fi provided. Moreover, we offer full coverage throughout the property and an equal share of bandwidth to all guest devices.

If you are a construction contractor or property developer and wish to find out more about how Landlord Broadband provides broadband for new developments, click here.