Best Student Accommodation WiFi Provider

WiFi for Student Accommodation Providing WiFi for student accommodation is a vital requirement for landlords. We all know that as the fourth essential utility, WiFi is a must have in any rental property, but this is especially true when dealing with students. If you are unsure as to why that is, you can read our […]

Top Tips for Landlords to Enhance the Marketability of Student Lets – From Students to Student Landlords

Landlords, the student house-hunting season has arrived. University students up and down the nation are searching for the best rental property for the next academic year. But what makes a student let the best? Luckily for you, we have gathered a series of top tips for landlords to help ensure that your property stands out […]

Purpose Built Student Accommodation- Create a Home From Home

Purpose built student accommodation is fast becoming an essential component of the student lifestyle. In the more generic population, renting is now a lifestyle choice for many. That should be reflected in the communities where they choose to call “home”. PBSA communities provide the perfect tonic for catering to the needs of students, you want […]

COVID19 student blocks and private rentals

During the current pandemic, University students have found themselves under enormous amounts of pressure. They are affected by the online submission of assignments, but also the underlying factor of having to pay rent on vacant rooms. Having reliable Wi-Fi in student blocks is paramount to their educations. What can be done to help students? According […]

Should You Provide WiFi for Students?

Are you a landlord deciding whether to provide WiFi for students? The decision to provide students with WiFi is a tricky one often fraught with questions. For example, is it worth the financial investment? Above all, what benefit could providing WiFi have for you? Whether it be the shift to online learning, or the desire […]

Why is super-fast Wi-Fi essential to your property’s success?

Wi-Fi for Landlords is the key to attracting and retaining tenants If you choose to offer Internet it will be available to tenants immediately upon move-in. By offering Internet and Wi-Fi, your access points will already be mounted and Ethernet ports pre-installed. Tenants will appreciate not having to book an appointment with an internet company and […]