Purpose built student accommodation is fast becoming an essential component of the student lifestyle. In the more generic population, renting is now a lifestyle choice for many. That should be reflected in the communities where they choose to call “home”. PBSA communities provide the perfect tonic for catering to the needs of students, you want to make sure that you’re on top of your game.
Meet student requirements, and you’ll speed up leasing your PBSA community in no time at all.

It takes one to know one

It’s vital to understand the mindset of your customer (in this case, students) and provide them with the type of accommodation they desire.

Having bills included in the rent is a high priority for many. 52% of students say they value all-inclusive-bills above all else. Offering plush apartments and a co-living lifestyle with bills packaged in the rent is a certain way to attract new and students to your student accommodation.
Other aspects, such as parking facilities and bike storage, can also make lives for students easier, as can a location close to travel links. 40% of students class the distance to their university as a major factor when deciding on somewhere to live.

Welcome to the community

Big cities can feel isolating, especially if you’re new to the area. Students want to create experiences that align with their lifestyle and are less inclined to think about personal, private spaces. Being part of a community creates a sense of belonging and togetherness not found in your typical rental apartment.

There’s a fine balance between giving people their space while encouraging them to be part of the community. But things like monthly social events, creating a Facebook page for your PBSA building and encouraging renters to mingle can go a long way to fostering the feeling of a real community.

If students believe your offering is the number one place in town to offer an authentic community, they’ll flock there in their droves.

Holistic living

Students in today’s generation focus on a healthy, wellness-infused lifestyle. Anyone who wants to let their Build-to-Rent homes quickly should provide easy access to fitness. Infuse your students’ lives with holistic goodness and create an aura around wellbeing.
Many Build-to-Rent spaces do so with state-of-the-art on-site gyms, yoga lessons and the latest HIIT classes, encouraging group workout sessions. This further underlines the strength of a community. Even when an on-site fitness option isn’t available, renters should have no issues finding the nearest gym or method for getting their steps in.

Tech friendly

We become more reliant on technology with each passing day. It makes everything easier, and purpose built student accommodation communities that are tech-led will appeal more to renters. From superfast internet to interconnected apps, technology has a fundamental role to play in modern student-only options.
Being able to communicate with people working in the building or requesting maintenance via an app helps to simplify processes and make everything much easier. Students are used to having easy access and quick solutions, and they expect the same from their living space.

One of the biggest bugbears of renting from a private landlord is the lack of communication and the process of getting issues resolved. You can eliminate much of those problems with technology that keeps the whole building connected through an easy-to-use app.

Create a home; not a rental

A Build-to-Rent community is so much more than having a base. It’s a lifestyle choice and therefore needs to cater to renters’ needs. Creating a space that has its own sense of individuality is vital for student renters who feel like they have a home. Spacious homes also help in cities where square footage doesn’t come so easily. Having a sense of space will help renters feel less claustrophobic if they’re living in dense cities.

Making sure spaces are light and airy with floor-to-ceiling windows where possible are small touches that enhance the living environment. Pet-friendly accommodation is also becoming an essential requirement, especially as having a pet can reduce the amount of stress an individual faces.

How we can help?

– For purpose built student accommodation in development:

Landlord Broadband offer bespoke Wi-Fi installations for complex properties, such as PBSA developments. We understand the problems that may arise when providing internet for these buildings and our expert knowledge to provide your perfect solution. Unlike other internet providers, we tailor our Wi-Fi installations to the individual developer’s needs.

Our team of fully qualified Wi-Fi specialist engineers can help you with any Wi-Fi-related issues you have, such as ‘dead zones’. Our engineers can supply all building types with top-specification Wi-Fi installations. This is to provide you with an overall enhanced coverage alongside offering full coverage throughout the property and an equal share of the bandwidth to all guest devices.

– For existing purpose built student accommodation:

Landlord Broadband offers a unique and quality managed internet service. We focus on providing:

  • Reliable connectivity with a ‘No Dead-Zone Guarantee’;
  • With a 24/7/365 UK based tenant support desk;
  • A hassle-free service guarantee, and;
  • A solution to wireless capacity and interference issues!

If you need more information on how our managed internet services could benefit you click here.