Social housing requires a digital inclusion strategy

We can help you shape and deliver your digital inclusion strategy for social housing within housing associations by:

  • Helping you make sense of Digital Inclusion and IoT
  • Achieving Wi-Fi connectivity for all
  • Assisting in the streamlining of operational processes
  • Making digital empowerment a reality
  • Supporting asset management and the internet of things

When it comes to social housing broadband, infrastructure is only the start. An important start. For social housing landlords, creating and implementing digital inclusion strategies and getting the right infrastructure in place is vital. Finding the right broadband provider is just as important. Not to mention, having internet for social  housing is vital to your tenants for access Universal Credit and other online services and opportunities.

Unsure about whether you should provide internet access to social housing tenants?

This blog post explains in depth why housing associations and landlords should provide internet to tenants.

Are you looking at ways to minimise void periods or are you looking for a revenue stream?

We’re landlords, too. Subsequently, we understand what’s important to tenants and their expectations of the availability of connectivity in rentals. Moreover, we understand the specifics of social housing broadband. We know what’s possible from a technical point of view.

Our broadband for social housing was created specifically for the rented sector. Our services range from designing and installing digital infrastructures through to delivering ongoing connectivity for residents. Run through a fully managed broadband service, we are ideally placed to help you navigate the road to digital empowerment and social housing broadband.

Do you need to manage assets such as CCTV using Wi-Fi? Do your tenants need internet access to your paperless systems for administration purposes?

The benefits of Landlord Broadband’s bespoke services

We can support your journey to digital inclusion by advising you on the most effective digital infrastructures. Our installation team can then manage the delivery of those infrastructures to create Wi-Fi friendly accommodation. In addition, we complete cabling and fibre installations quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption to your social housing residents.

Would you like to include Wi-Fi to help deliver digital inclusion but don’t want the hassle or cost of managing it?

As part of our fully managed service, we provide 24/7 helpdesk support for tenants. This takes the pressure off your team who might currently be dealing with tenants’ internet connectivity queries. In turn, freeing up valuable resources to be deployed elsewhere.

Are you including Wi-Fi from a high street provider but are getting complaints about poor signal or speeds?

And all the while your social housing tenants enjoy the benefits of our reliable and superior social housing broadband service. We boast a 99% uptime, guaranteed internet connection in every room, an equal share of bandwidth for every resident and our unique ‘no Wi-Fi dead zone’ guarantee.

To find out more about how our experienced team can help you develop or implement your digital inclusion strategy, contact us here.