Wi-Fi solutions for Build-to-Rent developments, refurbishments and conversions.

The Landlord Broadband team works with property developers, contractors and facilities management teams  to design, specify and install high-speed broadband installations for Build To Rent developments.

Do you need a professional bespoke Wi-Fi installation service that can guarantee that the property has no dead zones?

We specialise in Wi-Fi for the complex needs presented within Build To Rent developments. Ranging from city-centre apartment buildings to suburban new build and refurbishment schemes. We cover the full spectrum of services, from system design and network cabling installation through to the ongoing management of commercial-grade broadband in finished buildings. Backed by full equipment warranties and our unique ‘no dead zone’ guarantee.

build to rent broadband for new developments

Want to add value to your property development?

Everything we do here at Landlord Broadband is designed to ensure high performance, reliable internet connectivity for the end-user. Our design team adds value to your project with bespoke Wi-Fi designs and by advising on the wireless infrastructure that will provide optimum connectivity in the finished building and inputting into the specification if required.

Are you struggling to find a Wi-Fi provider that does a comprehensive installation while also sticking to the project timescales?

When providing complex Wi-Fi installations for Build To Rent developments, we more than anyone understand how important it is to be fast and efficient. Therefore, our reliable, nationwide network of contractors work quickly and effectively to complete the broadband cabling installation or fibre broadband installation well within your project timescales.

Fully managed broadband for Build To Rent Developments

Unlike many data cabling companies, our support doesn’t end when the Wi-Fi infrastructure installation is complete. Our expertise extends through into the finished building. Our fully managed internet for Build To Rent developments ensure reliable, business-grade internet connectivity, with a 24/7/365 Tenant Support Desk.

Will your current internet service provider take ownership away from you if there is any technical fault? 

Our broadband service is designed by property professionals, for property professionals. So, our hassle-free Wi-Fi meets the specific demands of internet traffic in complex properties and creates truly ‘Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation’. Whoever the end-user, Landlord Broadband delivers 99% uptime, internet connectivity in every room and equal bandwidth for all users. Additionally, we back all of our Wi-Fi Installations with our unique ‘No Dead-Zone’ guarantee.


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