Has your landlord chosen Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation?

We understand how important the internet is when you move into your rental property. That’s why we created Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation. From providing the best broadband for students to the best broadband for business travelers, it doesn’t matter how long your tenancy is, we want to offer you the best Wi-Fi experience possible. We aim to provide industry leading UK-based tenant support, so your experience is hassle-free.

Landlord Broadband’s internet for multiple-occupancy properties is beautifully user friendly. That is to say, you simply arrive, enter the password and connect to a secure, private network. So, it’s easy as connecting to hotel or high-street coffee shop Wi-Fi. Whether your a business traveler staying for a night or a student renting a house for a year, we want you to have the best Wi-Fi experience possible. Which is why our Wi-Fi comes with certain benefits.

Working closely with the property organisation, we ensure that you don’t experience any delays getting online or problems with internet performance once you’ve settled in. And, if there are, or Tenant Support Desk is always around to help.

The benefits of Landlord Broadband’s Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation to you include:

  • Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation with unlimited internet usage;
  • Our unique ‘No Dead Zone Guarantee’ in your property;
  • 99% network uptime;
  • Excellent Wi-Fi signal to your room;
  • An equal share of bandwidth for all tenants;
  • No bills, contract, set-up or cancellation fees – everything is included in your rental package;
  • Access to our 24/7/365 Tenant Support Desk.

For more information about why you need Landlord Broadband in your property, read our blog post explaining managed internet services.

For technical queries about your Landlord Broadband connection or Wi-Fi service, you can access tenant support here:

Call our 24/7/365 tenant and guest helpdesk on 0333 577 0600
Get in touch via our contact form
Email customer.services@landlordbroadband.com