Understanding Managed Internet

Are you in the market for internet services for your properties? If so you may have come across the term ‘managed internet access’ But what does this mean?

‘Managed internet’ services are monitored and supervised by your provider. They are exclusive to your property portfolio and, similar to leased lines, should provide the same speed in both directions. These internet services offer 7 days a week, 24 hours a day observation and regulation – meaning that if you have managed broadband your provider may notice a fault in your connection before you do!

What are the Advantages?

Although, unfortunately, managed internet services are not that common in the UK they do offer a variety of benefits – particularly to smaller property providers, landlords and letting agents.

There are numerous advantages associated with using a managed broadband service, including:

  • Fast, hassle-free, and effectual solutions to broadband failures or disruptions;
  • Immediate communication from the service provider when required, and;
  • Offers the potential to release financial and human resources due to the redundancy of your web administrators.

Simply put, managed internet access services remove the stress, hassle, and time consumption associated with with individually monitoring your broadband – therefore making the need for your own IT monitoring, obsolete. On top of this, the internet service is exclusive to you and your property portfolio, taking out the complications that can occur in association with sharing a broadband connection with others. Therefore, a fully managed internet service delivers all of the benefits of a fast broadband connection hassle-free!

How Can We Help?

Landlord Broadband offers a unique and quality managed internet service. Our focus is on providing:

  • Reliable connectivity;
  • With a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year UK based tenant support;
  • A hassle-free service guarantee, and;
  • A ‘Wi-Fi no dead zone’ guarantee, plus many others!

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For more information see these reference websites: leased line comparison and Southern Comms.