Understanding Managed Internet

Are you looking to switch internet providers for your properties? While it may seem like the easiest option to choose a high-street provider, managed internet services may be the best option for you! But, what are they?

‘Managed internet’ services are monitored and supervised by your provider, 24/7. They are exclusive to your property portfolio and, similar to leased lines, should provide the same speed in both directions. The fact that managed internet is constantly observed, means that faults can be spotted by your provider before you even know about them! This means less complaints from tenants, so less hassle for you.

What are the Advantages?

With the increased reliance on internet based systems, there are a growing number of managed internet service providers, especially for business. But, what about tenants?

It can be difficult to provide the right Wi-Fi with sufficient bandwidth for complex, multi-occupancy properties. Even in studio flats in large blocks, there can be issues with connection and interference. This is where Landlord Broadband are experts.

There are numerous advantages to using a managed broadband service, including:

  • Fast, hassle-free, and effective solutions to any Wi-Fi faults;
  • Easy contact with Landlord Broadband when you have a problem or query;
  • Offers the potential to save time and hassle due to network monitoring.

Simply put, managed internet services remove the stress, hassle, and time consumption associated with individually monitoring broadband in your properties. On top of this, the internet service is exclusive to you and your property portfolio, taking out the complications that can occur in association with sharing a broadband connection with others. Therefore, a fully managed internet service delivers all of the benefits of a fast broadband connection hassle-free!

How Can We Help?

Landlord Broadband offers a unique and quality managed internet service. Our focus is on providing:

  • Reliable connectivity, with bespoke Wi-Fi designs for your property;
  • With a 24/7/365 UK based tenant support;
  • A hassle-free service guarantee, and post-installation support;
  • A ‘Wi-Fi no dead zone’ guarantee, plus many others!

If you need more information on how our managed internet services could benefit you click here.



For more information see these reference websites: leased line comparison and Southern Comms.