Best Wi-Fi for Students in PBSA

Why Providing the Best Wi-Fi for Students is More Important Than Ever Are you a PBSA developer? If you are, it’s very likely that you will appreciate how frustrating it can be when Wi-Fi isn’t up to scratch. Whether it be the shift to online learning, or the desire to catch up with family at […]

How Wi-Fi solutions and PropTech can help landlords to become more eco-friendly!

When managing HMOs, a lot of time is often spent chasing up utilities, answering tenants’ complaints and maintaining your property. PropTech and Wi-Fi solutions are becoming more and more important for landlords and property organisations. Luckily, there are many ways that new technology can reduce the hassle and the environmental impact of managing your HMO. Sustainability is a growing concern for many […]

Digital exclusion in the UK, is it real?

Digital Exclusion Is it possible that there could be digital exclusion in the UK? We are becoming more and more reliant upon internet access for a variety of different activities. Only a few years ago you could complete these activities without the internet. But as the COVID-19 pandemic continues and as technology advances, we as […]

Managed Broadband Service During a Crisis

A year at Landlord Broadband 2020, what a year! While there has undoubtedly been many-a-hiccup in the past year, we’ve continued to provide managed broadband services across the UK. A lot has happened at Landlord Broadband in the past year, and we’re proud of our hard-working team for producing better-than-ever work and supporting one another […]

Top Tips for Landlords to Enhance the Marketability of Student Lets – From Students to Student Landlords

Landlords, the student house-hunting season has arrived. University students up and down the nation are searching for the best rental property for the next academic year. But what makes a student let the best? Luckily for you, we have gathered a series of top tips for landlords to help ensure that your property stands out […]

Wi-Fi Extenders VS Wi-Fi Installations

Recently, we posted an article on the difference between broadband and Wi-Fi to help you understand the value of our bespoke Wi-Fi installations. We received comments regarding why a landlord can’t just install their own Wi-Fi extenders. You could, but you shouldn’t. Let us explain why. Wi-fi Extenders will do right? Wi-Fi extenders, Wi-Fi repeaters, […]

The End-to-end Process of our Managed Internet Services

The following article is designed to help you understand what to expect after submitting an enquiry about our managed internet and smart property management services. Detailed below is a brief explanation of the services we offer. Furthermore, we will give you an insight into the customer journey at Landlord Broadband. Our Managed Internet Services Our […]

Buy-to-let, time to build your property portfolio?

Safe as houses. A phrase representing the popularity in properties as a place of investment. Government regulation has arguably made it difficult in recent years for landlords to gain more investment properties. Rising taxes and  additional stamp duty liabilities contributed to a reduction in buy-to-let mortgage applications. A silver lining for buy-to-let investors Lockdown has […]

Purpose Built Student Accommodation- Create a Home From Home

Purpose built student accommodation is fast becoming an essential component of the student lifestyle. In the more generic population, renting is now a lifestyle choice for many. That should be reflected in the communities where they choose to call “home”. PBSA communities provide the perfect tonic for catering to the needs of students, you want […]

Wi-Fi Installations for Rental Accommodation

It is vital that as a landlord or property manager that offers broadband in your properties that you understand the nature of the service. Furthermore, it is important to know how customer Wi-Fi installations can help you to avoid possible tenant complaints. Does this sound familiar? “The Wi-Fi isn’t working” “I didn’t get my work […]