How Serviced Accommodation Providers Can Prepare for a Busy Festive Season – Internet for Holiday Lets.

This years’ festive season is fast-approaching and likewise are all its festivities: from family gatherings to city breaks and Christmas markets. At this time of year, people are here, there and everywhere which can only mean one thing for serviced apartment providers – peak occupancy rates! Nevertheless, these festivities alone cannot guarantee guest satisfaction nor […]

Autumn Newsletter 2019

Greetings Humans of Landlord Broadband, Thank you for subscribing to our quarterly newsletter which aims to keep you updated on what we have been getting up to, and what has been moving and shaking in our industry. We hope you find this edition informative and a useful check-in.  We would like to take this opportunity […]

Managed Broadband – What Is It and How We Can Help

Managed Broadband: Every business is unique, they all have different, diverse broadband needs to be able to run efficiently in their day-to-day. Managed broadband is often not at the forefront of the business mind, yet most businesses need it to be able to function. Faults and issues with broadband can cause long and costly delays, […]

WiFi installations – why it’s needed in today’s generation

Home WiFi installations Self-installation Wi-Fi, it can be a nightmare to assemble. Modern-day homes have a strong reliance on a super-fast wifi connection. Customer devices such as mobile phones, laptops and computers require a strong, consistent broadband connection, and the increase in technological advancements included in and around the home (things such as smart heating) […]

Wi-Fi For Landlords – Why You Need It and How We Can Help

Wi-Fi inclusion improves property rentability and value: According to ‘wowwifi‘ ‘99% of UK commercial properties have wireless speeds of 24Mbps or less’. This is strange considering the emergence and increase in popularity of internet-connected devices. Because of this, there is an increasing expectation for landlords to live up to tenant demands and provide an internet […]

Managed Internet – What is it and Do I Need it?

Understanding Managed Internet Are you in the market for internet services for your properties? If so you may have come across the term ‘managed internet access’ But what does this mean? ‘Managed internet’ services are monitored and supervised by your provider. They are exclusive to your property portfolio and, similar to leased lines, should provide […]

Should You Provide Internet to Tenants?

Are you a student landlord deciding whether to provide internet to tenants? The decision to provide internet to tenants is a tricky one often fraught with questions; is it worth the financial investment? What benefit could providing internet access have for you? Providing internet for tenants could encourage existing tenants to stay for multiple years […]

Managed Internet Access

The internet is a great thing. It allows you to connect, interact, discover and explore. It can also be a tool, to better your self, your goals, and more relevantly, your properties! The decision to include Wi-Fi throughout your property portfolio and to provide internet access to tenants is often a beneficial one – it […]

Smart Property Management in Housing Associations

How can you start the digital transformation process? Digital transformation in housing associations can often start with the question of ‘where and how do we start?’ How about starting at the end? What’s most important to your main stakeholders, your tenants? Have you segmented and profiled them to understand and respond to their property technology […]

What have we been up to: Fintan on the Marketing team

The Internet of Things (IoT) I hope everyone reading this is enjoying their summer as much as I have been doing! This summer I have been studying at Seoul National University, in South Korea.  A country widely hailed as one of the most technologically innovative in the world. I found evidence for this as soon as […]