Landlords, the student house-hunting season has arrived. University students up and down the nation are searching for the best rental property for the next academic year. But what makes a student let the best? Luckily for you, we have gathered a series of top tips for landlords to help ensure that your property stands out from the rest. Better yet, our tips have come from students themselves – discover what students are really looking for in a rental property.

tips for landlords checklistTIP 1: TIMING

The Right Place at the Right Time – When Students Plan to Look for Accommodation.

The student house-hunting season is at its peak right about now! Approximately 17% of students plan to look for accommodation in November, 15% in January and 13% in December (Accommodation for Students) – making the next couple of months the prime time to attract student house hunters.

Be Aware – #DontRentYet.

Be aware – students are being warned, this year more than ever, to not rush into their house hunt. Students are been reminded that “there are more houses than students to fill them” and that the current situation is ever-changing (Worcester Students’ Union).

tips for landlords checklistTIP 2: VIRTUAL VIEWINGS

It is important for landlords to remain up-to-date and compliant with the COVID-19 government guidelines on viewings. Principally, “tenants’ safety should be the priority of letting agents and landlords” ( Virtual viewings are a great way to show prospective tenants around your property; whether it be a pre-recorded video or a live video call – both are viable options! Also, make sure to provide the prospective tenants with some form of contact details in case they have any queries about the property following the viewing.

tips for landlords checklistTIP 3: BILLS INCLUDED

In most cases, student tenants are new to the rental market and have limited experience with utilities and bills. ‘All bills included’ saves students the hassle of arranging utilities and splitting the payments and therefore, is usually the most preferred option. Enhance the marketability of your student property by including all bills – gas, electricity, water, TV licence and Wi-Fi.

tips for landlords checklistTIP 4: FAST AND RELIABLE WIFI

The all-important Wi-Fi connection; no longer a luxury but an essential utility. Even more so in the current climate with many students studying virtually; approximately 70% of university students are currently experiencing blended learning and 24.6% are fully online (Accommodation for Students). Students need Wi-Fi and expect it to be included within their rental agreement.

However, it is useless to provide this utility if it is not meeting the needs of the tenants. One thing many landlords overlook when providing Wi-Fi is its functionality.

Landlords, consider:

1. Is the bandwidth going into the property correct and does it enable all users to concurrently connect, stream, download etc.?

2. Is the bandwidth equally distributed throughout all rooms in the property?

3. Do you have Wi-Fi dead zones within your property?

4. What support is available to tenants in the event of Wi-Fi issues? Do you want these to be your problem?

Allow us to sort all of this for you! Landlord Broadband put an end to these hassles by delivering fast, reliable, commercial-grade Wi-Fi for student, professional rented and serviced accommodation properties – all backed by a 24/7/365 tenant support service and a ‘no dead zone guarantee’. Never worry about the Wi-Fi in your rental property(s) again – click the button below to request a free assessment from Landlord Broadband.


Many students drive and therefore look for parking when renting a property. Obviously, the provision of parking space is not feasible within all properties – but if it is possible to offer it, do so, and communicate this clearly when marketing your property!

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Video Summary

By Milly Jackson

Marketing Assistant – Landlords & Letting Agents Specialist

Published 07/12/2020