Is Having the Best Wifi for a serviced apartment the key to success?

WiFi, is an ever growing market with more and more demand for it. From Trump trying to nationalise it and millennials relying on it, here are the reasons why having the best WiFi for serviced accommodation / A serviced apartment will unlock success for you. What’s more important, free breakfast or free Wi-Fi? A new […]

Wi-Fi for the elderly and Wi-Fi in assisted housing

An aging population, and a society that is becoming ever dependent on the internet. Technology has turned it’s focused from Millennials to Wi-Fi for the elderly. Safety Wi-Fi can help the elderly stay safe with alert buttons on mobile devices. From apps that help with blood pressure such as Blood pressure IBP and Pill reminder app […]

3 ways Wi-Fi can add value to New Developments or Refurbishments

Are you a current property owner, thinking about starting a new development project or are refurbishing a development? Then this article laying out the 3 ways Wi-Fi in new developments can add value is worth a read. In short, Wi-Fi will add value to your property and bring it into the future giving it longevity. […]

The truth about “up to” broadband speeds

Even though you have the highest advertised speed available on the market your movie keeps buffering. Why is that?. Check out this video to understand the misleading nature of “up to” speeds.

How to survive the Letting Agent fees ban with the help of broadband

Letting agents are facing the proposed bill to ban letting agent fees. According to Landlord News UK, the impact of the proposed bill could potentially affect as much as 10-25% percent of a letting agent’s income.  If you are a letting agent then I’m pretty sure you are not happy about this. However, there are […]

Top ways that broadband in social housing can help relieve cost pressures

Why should you consider Broadband in Social housing? Have you ever considered including broadband in your social housing, housing association or sheltered accommodation?   If the answer is no, it’s probable that you may be worried about the cost or management aspect of it.  But there is a very important reason why you may want to reconsider including […]

Can broadband and Wi-Fi help the construction industry?

Wi-Fi for New developments Are you a developer, a contractor or a mechanical and electrical engineer? Are you planning to construct a new development? Have you a building you wish to refurbish or are you planning to convert a commercial unit into a residential one?  Yes, great! Next question: Are you planning to include Wi-Fi […]

Key factors when choosing broadband for a multiple occupancy property

So you bought the fastest advertised broadband in the market….but your tenants still can’t watch a movie without it buffering every 5 minutes. We hear you; we know how hard it is to provide good quality internet for your tenants! Most people believe internet quality is equal to the advertised speed but there are several […]

Five reasons why managed broadband and Wi-Fi represents a cost-effective addition to your rental properties

It’s a question we hear a lot in the rental sector: should letting agents provide broadband and Wi-Fi for their properties? We’ve seen threads on the subject appearing on landlord forums, spoken to letting agents who aren’t sure it’s the most economical decision for the properties they manage, and there still seems to be a […]