Here is the truth about “up to” broadband speeds

Does this sound familiar to you? Even though you have the highest advertised broadband speeds available on the market, your Wi-Fi  keeps buffering when you watch a film. Why is that? Check out this video to understand the misleading nature of “up to” speeds.

How can we help?

At Landlord broadband, we are a specialist managed internet provider. The top quality equipment we use in our Wi-Fi installations ensure that you will get the broadband speeds we promise, not “up to”! As our valued customer, whichever of our markets you operate in we aim to be the best for you. Whether that’s providing the best broadband for students, setting up broadband in a rented flat, short term broadband or broadband for new builds, we are here for you. We fully customize our broadband for your portfolio, big or small.

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