Wi-Fi for Holiday Lets During the Festive Season

Are you looking for Wi-Fi for holiday lets? This years’ festive season is fast-approaching and likewise are all its festivities. From family gatherings to city breaks and Christmas markets, at this time of year, people are here, there and everywhere. This can only mean one thing for serviced apartment providers – peak occupancy rates. Nevertheless, […]

Wi-Fi for Serviced Accommodation – is it good?

Is the Wi-Fi provided in serviced accommodation any good? The Wi-Fi for serviced accommodation that is provided by operators is often cheap and unreliable. Wi-Fi is something that landlords should include as it helps to increase demand and improve the experience of your customers. For the best results, the connection needs to be strong and […]

Investing in a Serviced Apartment Managed Internet Service Provider

In today’s digital world serviced apartments are judged on the quality of their managed internet service. Serviced apartments often deal with business people who have demanding online needs or travelers who wish to relax or contact their family back home. Nothing is more frustrating to guests than having to battle with a poor Wi-Fi connection. […]

Best Internet for Short Term Lets

Do you want to know what the best internet for short term lets is? Landlord Broadband has the answer. Sound familiar? “Can you hear me?” “Your voice is sounding very robotic” “Sorry I can’t quite hear what you are saying” “Now you’ve frozen all together” There will be some of you reading this who know […]

How Serviced Accommodation Wi-Fi can Place you Higher on Trip Advisor

In conjunction with the growth of platforms like AirBnb, we have seen demand for serviced accommodation is growing. Owners of serviced accommodation are able to make their business boom firstly with reliable super-fast Wi-Fi for serviced apartments, secondly with Added Value services and thirdly a top online marketing strategy. As the numbers show, hotel’s aren’t […]

Making your Serviced Accommodation Business Succeed

Are you a serviced accommodation business? Do you own serviced accommodation or are you planning on getting into this type of rental market? At this point, with the uncertainty in the private rented sector, it might be worth consideration. There are several tax benefits because these properties come under the category of a furnished holiday […]