COVID19 – student blocks and private rentals

During the current pandemic, University students have found themselves under enormous amounts of pressure, more so affected by the online submission of assignments, but also the underlying factor of having to pay rent on vacant rooms. What can be done to help students? According to The Guardian, some student block providers have agreed to waive […]

How Serviced Accommodation Providers Can Prepare for a Busy Festive Season – Internet for Holiday Lets.

This years’ festive season is fast-approaching and likewise are all its festivities: from family gatherings to city breaks and Christmas markets. At this time of year, people are here, there and everywhere which can only mean one thing for serviced apartment providers – peak occupancy rates! Nevertheless, these festivities alone cannot guarantee guest satisfaction nor […]

The Wi-Fi provided for serviced accommodation, how good is it?

The internet for serviced accommodation that is provided by operators is often cheap and unreliable. Wi-Fi is something that serviced accommodation should include, and therefore should be a strong, reliable connection. 90.7% of customer reviews online pinpoint the fact that Wi-Fi in serviced accommodation makes their trip unsatisfactory as they are unable to stay in […]

Why is Wi-Fi the most important investment in serviced accommodation?

In today’s technological world serviced apartments are judged on the quality of their managed internet service. Serviced apartments are establishments frequently dealing with business people whose online needs are often essential, travellers relaxing or simply contacting family back home. Nothing is more frustrating to guests than battling with a problematic Wi-Fi connection. In fact, in […]

Why settle for less? Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation, the best Wi-Fi for short lets!

“Can you hear me?” “Your voice is sounding very robotic” “Sorry I can’t quite hear what you are saying” “Now you’ve frozen all together” There will be some of you reading this who know straight away the frustration – the pain – of staying in an apartment with poor Wi-Fi. It takes a toll on […]

Is Having the Best Wifi for a serviced apartment the key to success?

WiFi is an ever-growing market with more and more demand for it. From Trump trying to nationalise it and millennials relying on it, here are the reasons why having the best WiFi for serviced accommodation / A serviced apartment will unlock success for you. What’s more important, free breakfast or free Wi-Fi? A new report […]

What role does reliable Wi-Fi play in the success of your serviced accommodation business?

Do you own serviced accommodation or are you planning on getting into this type of rental market? At this point, with the uncertainty in the private rented sector, it might be worth consideration. There are several tax benefits because these properties come under the category of a furnished holiday let.   Serviced accommodation has high yield […]