Summer Newsletter 2021

Welcome to our Summer Newsletter 2021! This is Landlord Broadband’s quarterly newsletter, Summer 2021 edition. If you would like to know the latest industry news for our customer markets, then read on. If you missed our last newsletter, click here. Industry News Technology As we all know, the pandemic has interrupted the usual way of […]

Spring Newsletter 2021

Greetings Humans of Landlord Broadband, Our quarterly newsletter aims to keep you updated on what we have been getting up to, and what has been moving and shaking in the industry. We hope that you find this Spring 2021 edition informative and a useful check-in. We look forward to hearing from you in the future! […]

Digital Transformation in Housing Associations

Digital transformation in housing associations is the integration of technology into the workplace to optimise the organisation’s services. To expand, it is a new business strategy being implemented across the housing sector. Digital innovation can greatly improve the customer service experience by increasing efficiency reducing the waste of time and resources. With the Internet of […]

Digital exclusion in the UK, is it real?

Digital Exclusion Is it possible that there could be digital exclusion in the UK? We are becoming more and more reliant upon internet access for a variety of different activities. Only a few years ago you could complete these activities without the internet. But as the COVID-19 pandemic continues and as technology advances, we as […]

Managed Broadband Service During a Crisis

A year at Landlord Broadband 2020, what a year! While there has undoubtedly been many-a-hiccup in the past year, we’ve continued to provide managed broadband services across the UK. A lot has happened at Landlord Broadband in the past year, and we’re proud of our hard-working team for producing better-than-ever work and supporting one another […]

Christmas Newsletter 2020

Greetings Humans of Landlord Broadband, Thank you for subscribing to our quarterly newsletter. We hope that you find this Christmas newsletter edition informative and a useful check-in. If you are interested in company updates and what has been moving and shaking in our industry, read on. We look forward to hearing from you in the […]

Top Tips for Landlords to Enhance the Marketability of Student Lets – From Students to Student Landlords

Landlords, the student house-hunting season has arrived. University students up and down the nation are searching for the best rental property for the next academic year. But what makes a student let the best? Luckily for you, we have gathered a series of top tips for landlords to help ensure that your property stands out […]

Wi-Fi Extenders VS Wi-Fi Installations

Recently, we posted an article on the difference between broadband and Wi-Fi to help you understand the value of our bespoke Wi-Fi installations. We received comments regarding why a landlord can’t just install their own Wi-Fi extenders. You could, but you shouldn’t. Let us explain why. Wi-fi Extenders will do right? Wi-Fi extenders, Wi-Fi repeaters, […]

What do tenants really want?

A new normal The pandemic has seen an evolution in the relationships between landlords and tenants. A once platonic relationship now has a deeper level of communication and empathy. Going forward, landlords can use this greater understanding to offer better packages to tenants. The wants and desires of prospective tenants have changed over the years […]

The End-to-end Process of our Managed Internet Services

The following article is designed to help you understand what to expect after submitting an enquiry about our managed internet and smart property management services. Detailed below is a brief explanation of the services we offer. Furthermore, we will give you an insight into the customer journey at Landlord Broadband. Our Managed Internet Services Our […]