Are you looking for ways to increase viewings and reduce void periods?

Specialist, hassle-free broadband for landlords.

We’re landlords, too, so we know how important it is to minimise void periods and maximise rental yield. Our specialist broadband for landlords enables you to do both, by including internet as part of your rental package.

Experience shows that providing Wi-Fi in your rental property can make the difference between prospective tenants choosing your property over another. Landlord Broadband’s specialist bespoke Wi-Fi services are designed to make your property more marketable. Our ‘Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation’ provides the hallmark of quality, therefore ensures your tenant knows you provide the best broadband and Wi-Fi service in the business.

  • Wi-Fi for landlords, developed by landlords
  • Ensure hassle-free property management
  • Create more marketable properties
  • Reduce void periods

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Hassle-free managed internet for landlords and tenants.

Are you wasting your valuable time on calls to fix your tenants’ internet issues?

We also understand the hassles associated with complaints about poor broadband and Wi-Fi in rented accommodation. Our fast, reliable, commercial-grade Wi-Fi for multiple-occupancy properties, is backed by a 24/7/365 tenant support service, which takes away this headache.

Experiencing issues with Wi-Fi connectivity in your properties? We specialise in complex property scenarios and design and install bespoke solutions that balance Wi-Fi quality and price. Moreover, we guarantee all of the equipment that we install and every installation comes with our ‘No Dead Zone’ guarantee.

Why choose Landlord Broadband?

We’re the first-choice broadband provider for many landlords across the country. Here’s why:

  • A hassle-free service: We take care of everything. That is to say, our 24/7/365 Tenant Support Desk provides industry-leading customer support; and you receive a single monthly bill for your portfolio, itemised by property. What could be simpler?
  • No liability: We provide unlimited use broadband and control phone line usage, so there are no surprises for you. Consequently, we provide a free legal document to go in your tenancy agreement, which protects you against tenant internet misuse.
  • Flexible service to support your properties: Rental circumstances can change unexpectedly, and landlords are often the ones who pay the price. For tenants, Wi-Fi is a must. However, if you ever need to chase rent arrears, we can switch the service on and off at your request.
  • We put you in control: If tenants install their own broadband, you are handing control of engineering work at your property over to them. Choosing Landlord Broadband puts you in control of any cabling work required at your property to complete the installation.
  • The fastest Wi-Fi technology: We supply only robust, high-specification equipment, giving your tenants access to the fastest and most consistent internet speeds.
  • Equal bandwidth for each tenant: We manage the service, so we can ensure that each tenant receives an equal share of bandwidth.
  • Specialists in your sector: We specialise in managed internet and broadband for landlords and we understand your sector inside-out. Therefore, our product has been designed specifically to help you to market your property.

So, what are you waiting for? Let us help you create more marketable properties.

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