Make property management easier by providing the best Wi-Fi for students

  • 24/7/365 UK-based tenant support
  • Wi-Fi in every rental room
  • Equal bandwidth for all tenants
  • ‘No Wi-Fi dead zone’ guarantee

The days of cramped, poorly serviced student accommodation are long gone.  Today, student housing is not only a place to sleep, but a living space, a social hub, and a workspace. As such, each tenant in a student HMO may be using a variety of digital devices for work, entertainment, keeping connected and much more. This means that providing the best Wi-Fi for students is more important than ever.

For 91% of students, facilities such as Wi-Fi are a top consideration when selecting student accommodation (Knight Frank). So why settle for high street broadband in your property, when you could install business-grade internet for shared housing that has been purpose-built to cope with the heavy internet traffic demands of HMOs?

Do you receive complaints about having no Wi-Fi signal or that the signal keeps dropping in your tenants’ rooms?

‘No dead zone’ guarantee

best Wi-Fi for students

Landlord Broadband provides the best Wi-Fi for students with our high performing, reliable broadband service with a guaranteed 99% uptime. Bandwidth is shared equally between tenants and we guarantee Wi-Fi connectivity in every room. We provide you with our Wi-Fi friendly accommodation quality standard. You can show your tenants that you provide them with the best managed internet service there is.

We specialise in delivering internet connection throughout complex properties, so if you’re experiencing regular complaints from tenants about poor connectivity, contact us today to find out about our service and unique ‘no Wi-Fi dead zone’ guarantee.

Do you have to spend a lot of time on the phone to the provider to solve a problem?

Choose an easier life

When you choose Landlord Broadband for providing internet to tenants, our team takes care of everything, saving you time dealing with tenant queries and complaints by providing a reliable broadband service whilst enabling you to increase rental yield by offering an all-inclusive rent and Wi-Fi package. Providing the best Wi-Fi around for your student houses means higher satisfaction from them, and an easier life for you.

Do you have to spend time organising which bill is for which property?

A single bill makes your portfolio easy to manage; we provide full equipment guarantees and protect you against tenant internet misuse; our fast and responsive support team – based here in the UK – takes care of any tenant queries.