Make remote work easier for professional tenants

  • Tenants simply move in, enter the password and get online
  • 99% uptime with equal bandwidth for all tenants
  • 24/7/365 UK-based tenant support
  • Enough wireless capacity for all tenants to connect all of their devices
  • Protection against tenant internet misuse

Professionals have very high standards when it comes to internet access in shared housing. Many prefer to avoid the hassle of setting up a broadband connection and will happily pay for it to be included in their monthly rental package. They expect consistent connectivity and reliable broadband service, both for work and downtime. And, if they don’t get it, they are very quick to complain – or move out. In short, they need the best Wi-Fi possible for remote work.

So, why take the risk? Our specialist broadband service delivers all of these things – and more – as well as enabling you to increase your monthly rental yield.

Less hassle, more income

Landlord Broadband gives your tenants fast, reliable, unrestricted 24/7 internet access; an equal share of bandwidth (vital for efficient remote working!); a ‘no Wi-Fi dead zone’ guarantee; and 24/7/365 support from our UK-based team. All they have to do is move in, enter the password and go.

We’ll provide you with our hallmark of quality – ‘Wi-Fi friendly accommodation’ so your tenants can be sure they are getting the best possible broadband and Wi-Fi service. With our broadband, remote work is easy for them, so property management is easy for you.

Do you waste time managing multiple invoices just to find surprise charges on them?  Do you have to re-negotiate the rate with your provider periodically?

Landlord Broadband makes it easy for you. You receive a single portfolio bill and a hassle-free internet service to all of your properties. Our tenant support service takes care of any technical queries and gives you complete protection against tenant internet misuse, no-cost exposure and a full equipment and cabling guarantee.