Specialist Wi-Fi Installations for providing business-grade student accommodation internet access

Did you know, 91% of students consider facilities such as Wi-Fi as a top factor when selecting student accommodation (Knight Frank)?. Without question, Wi-Fi access is vital for students, whether that be for education or entertainment. This means that offering high quality student accommodation internet within your PBSA developments is more important than ever.

Poor Wi-Fi designs can often be the death of a reliable connection for tenants. And, with such complex properties, errors can be common. This can be a source of headaches in your developments, both for you and your tenants.

What is a bad Wi-Fi design?

Weak Signal

Often, access points are installed in the hallways of PBSA developments, which can cause a multitude of issues. Firstly, if access points have ‘line of sight’ from each other, interference and intermittent connection can plague your tenants from the source. Additionally, students’ ensuites are typically next to the front door of a PBSA development. Due to the attenuation properties of the materials used here, once the signal reaches the tenant’s desk, they could lose 10 – 20 dB. This degree of signal loss can be the cause of high latency when gaming and buffering when streaming HD & 4K content over Wi-Fi. A student often lives their life in their room, the student accommodation internet should  be strong and consistent to withstand this.

Co-Channel Interference

If access points operate in close proximity to each other, on the same frequencies and on full power, this causes co-channel interference. When access points on the same wireless channel attempt to transmit data simultaneously, the radios will interfere with each other, leaving  the tenants with an intermittent performance. This often occurs with student accommodation internet as all access points are often placed in the same place on the same floor without a channel and transmit power plan.

Wireless Capacity

Student tenants, more than ever, rely on multiple digital devices for work, leisure and communication. Student accommodation internet often struggles to deal with the capacity demands, as an insufficient number of APs are present. Even if signal is showing as strong to tenants, wireless capacity may be taken up by other tenants’ devices.

How Landlord Broadband can help with your student accommodation internet

We use industry-leading software to create bespoke Wi-Fi designs for complex buildings. Our specialist Wi-Fi networks avoid, congestion, interference and provide a seamless Wi-Fi solution. And unlike many student accommodation internet providers, our support continues after the installation. Our managed internet ensures a business-grade Wi-Fi service with a 24/7/365 support desk, and a nationwide network of engineers.

Wi-Fi to suit complex buildings

There is no doubt that PBSA developments can be complex buildings, which in turn, come with complex Wi-Fi needs. The demands of such large recidences can be difficult to find the perfect solution for, to suit all tenants and guarantee connectivity in all areas. Our Wi-Fi designs ensure equal bandwidth for all tenants, and a No Dead-Zone guarantee.

A hassle-free service with increased tenant satisfaction

With the number of people living in a single PBSA building, snags and issues are unavoidable. However, Wi-Fi does not have to be one of them. Our student accommodation internet is designed by property professionals, for property professionals. So, we understand the hassle that Wi-Fi problems can cause both for you and your tenants.

We give agency to tenants with our 24/7/365 UK-Based Tenant Support Desk, which means students can come directly to us. This reduces hassle and allows you to focus on providing the best service possible. Additionally, with Wi-Fi that runs smoothly alongside an easily accessible support system for when problems arise, your tenant satisfaction can only increase.


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