The Problem: Providing reliable HMO broadband for large student houses.

When we provide specialist HMO broadband, bandwidth and dead zones are always a challenge.  This property was a 7 Bedroom student house, over four floors, with one living area. With a standard router, the size and layout of the property intrinsically causes signal issues. However, in this HMO, brick walls and thick fire doors caused further signal loss – a common problem in older properties.

This challenge required a bespoke Wi-Fi installation and HMO broadband design.

What was required for the property?

  • - 67 dBm Wi-Fi Signal for both 2.4 & 5 GHz frequencies in all tenanted areas.
  • Minimum wireless data rate of 24 Mbps in all areas.
  • Sufficient wireless capacity for multiple devices per tenant.

Our HMO broadband solution

To solve the problem, we used our bespoke Wi-Fi design processes to provide the optimum service for the property.

  • We started with a remote Wi-Fi design: We imported the floor plans onto our state-of-the-art design software and then input all attenuation materials/areas such as the internal walls, internal doors, furniture, kitchen appliances etc. in order to emulate the property.  This allows the HMO broadband to be bespoke to the property and allows us to design the optimum Wi-Fi solution.
  • Then, we proceeded with the First Fix Installation: During the property renovation, we visited the site and confirmed all access point locations by deploying & testing the areas as per our remote design. This ensures that they are providing the correct coverage. Additionally, so that they are not in range with each other to prevent co-channel interference. After that, we installed all network and data cabling to the relevant locations and labelled this throughout. This was done before plastering, so when the walls/ceilings were installed, our cables were drilled through and concealed. Ensuring that the property looked as good as new post-renovation!
  • Second fix installation: At the end of the project, we visited site to set up the network room, in which we installed the router, POE switch and controller. Then, we terminated and tested all cabling, ceiling-mounted the Wi-Fi access points, configured a roaming Wi-Fi network and carried out final tests. We then signed off our design with the happy customer and provided a No Dead Zone Guarantee. Ensuring top-quality Wi-Fi to eliminate hassle for both landlord and tenant!

The Result

Our Wi-Fi design eliminated dead zones within the property, and ensured that all tenants could work, stream, game and much more. All with the same bandwidth, everywhere in the house. As a result, our HMO broadband has taken the hassle away from the Landlord through a single portfolio bill and 24/7/365 tenant support.


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Download a PDF of our case study here.