The Wi-Fi provided for serviced accommodation, how good is it?

The internet for serviced accommodation that is provided by operators is often cheap and unreliable. Wi-Fi is something that serviced accommodation should include, and therefore should be a strong, reliable connection. 90.7% of customer reviews online pinpoint the fact that Wi-Fi in serviced accommodation makes their trip unsatisfactory as they are unable to stay in […]

Autumn Newsletter 2018

Greetings Humans of Landlord Broadband, Thank-you for subscribing to our quarterly newsletter that keeps you updated on what we have been getting up to, and what has been moving and shaking in our industry. We hope you find it informative and a useful check-in.  We look forward to hearing from you in the future. Get stuck […]

Channel shift for Housing Associations

Channel shift efficiency As budgets continue to shrink and expectations continue to rise, many housing associations have explored different ways to effectively drive their mission. Shifting to digital channels of engagement with citizens is one way to save money and increase efficiency. Channel shift provides internet access and moves all paper based communication online. But […]

Customer update

Dear customers, This is a message just to let you know that our company name has changed from ‘Landlord and Letting Agent Services LTD’ to ‘ Landlord Broadband & Wireless Technologies Ltd’. This has taken place to better reflect the nature of our services. There is no change to the company number or any other […]

Weathering the Tenant-Fee Storm: Wi-Fi for Letting Agents

As of sprint next year, letting agents will no longer be able to charge tenants administration fees. Unfortunately, this will mean the end of many let-only agents as we know them. The majority of let-only agents were set up by residential agencies in the wake of the 2008 housing market crash. With little or no […]

Getting an edge in the build to rent sector

The national need for build to rent Right now, investment in the UK build to rent sector is growing steadily. The country is suffering from a major housing crisis. Build to rent houses are becoming a much needed option for the people of Britain. Investment in the build to rent sector has increased dramatically up […]

Property Technology and the Build to Rent Revolution

The Revolution In the wake of Britain leaving the EU, the country will have to make alternative investments in its future. If it wants to economically compete with the rest of the world, technology is one of the most efficient ways the country can invest. According to Computer Weekly ‘The UK technology sector is growing […]

The Bare Necessities: Broadband and Build To Rent Properties

The build to rent market is getting stronger than ever. According to Property Week, ‘For the first time ever, BTR homes across the UK regions equal those under way in London, with 62,021 BTR homes either completed, under construction or being planned outside the capital, compared with 62,016 in the capital.’  Traditionally, build to rent […]

Ditching Bills and The Best Wi-Fi for New Build Properties

“Housing shortage”, “UK housing crisis”, “We need more affordable homes” etc. The aforementioned headlines have been in the UK news for well over a year now. The issue does not seem to be going away. With the prospect of buying a property slowly disappearing, more and more people are turning to privately rented accommodation to […]

What have we been up to: Fintan on the Marketing team

The Internet of Things (IoT) I hope everyone reading this is enjoying their summer as much as I have been doing! This summer I have been studying at Seoul National University, in South Korea.  A country widely hailed as one of the most technologically innovative in the world. I found evidence for this as soon as […]