Why is super-fast Wi-Fi essential to your property’s success in 2018?

Wifi for Landlords is the key to attracting and retaining tenants If you choose to offer Internet it will be available to tenants immediately upon move-in. By offering Internet and WiFi, your access points will already be mounted and Ethernet ports pre-installed. Tenants will appreciate not having to book an appointment with an internet company […]

Internet for social housing checklist

When it comes to internet for social housing infrastructure is only the start. But it’s an important start. For any landlord who is  implementing Digital Inclusion strategies, getting the right infrastructure in place is vital. Finding the right broadband for housing associations providers is just as important. Whether its internet for new developments you are […]

Why is Wi-Fi the most important investment in serviced accommodation?

In today’s technological world serviced apartments are judged on the quality of their managed internet service. Serviced apartments are establishments frequently dealing with business people whose online needs are often essential, travelers relaxing or simply contacting family back home. Nothing is more frustrating to guests than battling with a problematic Wi-Fi connection. In fact, in […]

Quarterly Newsletter – Summer 2018

Greetings humans of Landlord Broadband, Thank-you for subscribing to our quarterly newsletter that keeps you updated on what we have been getting up to, and what has been moving and shaking in our industry. We hope you find it informative and a useful check in.  We look forward to hearing from you in the future.  Whats […]

A New Strategy – Internet For New Developments

The average speed of Wi-Fi in a UK home is 3.7mbps (Megabit per second). That’s fast right? Or is it slow?… Mainly, it’s confusing. Technology jargon has long blinded the public, including property investors. However, an increase in our dependence on the internet now means it is an amenity that we cannot ignore. Property investors […]

Keeping competitive – Wi-Fi for new developments

Why Wi-Fi for new developments? According to a recent report by The Guardian, property prices in the UK dropped by 3.1% last April. With the prospect of owning a property out of reach for millions in the UK, renting has become the viable option. It allows tenants and guests to save money, whilst also living […]

Sub-contracting Wi-Fi for new developments

Wi-Fi for new developments Do you have a construction specification that requires Wi-Fi? Providing internet for new developments is our specialty! Check out our video below… The construction sector has bounced back after its slump caused by a stormy March. However, according to The Guardian the demand for construction is still not what it once was. […]

Productive construction technology!

When working on any project in a time pressure environment, productivity is key. According to a recent study by Intergraph, thirty-five percent of construction projects will incur a major change order their construction lifetime. This cause great frustration among contractors. It can also lead to a waste of time and money. That’s why we have […]

Should  Housing Associations provide internet for social Housing?   

Infrastructure is only the start for internet for housing association. This is due to the Internet of Things (IoT) and the necessity of Wi-Fi in housing associations is growing rapidly. For social housing landlords implementing digital inclusion strategies, getting the right infrastructure in place is vital. Finding the right broadband provider and internet for social […]

Increasing Construction Value: Internet for New Developments

The construction industry is on the rise and booming. According to The Times, over the past year, the number of rental homes being constructed has risen by thirty percent. Not only does this show a great demand from the UK public for serviced accommodation but it also demonstrates the fierce competition between investors to secure […]