The following article is designed to help you understand what to expect after submitting an enquiry about our managed internet and smart property management services. Detailed below is a brief explanation of the services we offer. Furthermore, we will give you an insight into the customer journey at Landlord Broadband.

Our Managed Internet Services

Our Fully Managed Wi-Fi Solutions

After an enquiry is submitted, we will carry out a portfolio assessment in order to create a bespoke broadband and Wi-Fi design that meets the requirements of your property. Once the Wi-Fi solution is agreed, we provide end-to-end project management, including your Wi-Fi installation and configuration. Following the installation, not only do we provide a ‘Wi-Fi No Dead Zone Guarantee’, but also 24/7/365 tenant-based support and a single portfolio bill for easy cost management.

Unlike our high-street competitors, we do not offer standardised packages with fixed prices and speeds as these can be misleading. Instead, we optimise our bespoke Wi-Fi solutions for the portfolio of each client.

  • Our prices:  The prices we offer depend on many factors such as your portfolio, the location of your property and the development stage of your project.
  • Our speeds: All of our packages are business-grade and fibre optic. We will recommend a service based on the area speeds. It is also based on the number of tenants to ensure that all tenants can use the service concurrently.

Read our ‘About Us‘ page for more information about our managed internet services.

Our Smart Property Management Services

We install our smart property management services as part of our Wi-Fi solutions. We install communications rooms and access points for Wi-Fi as well as smart property management systems at this stage. Options range from the most noteworthy smart heating systems to humidity centres, smart key management and floor centres. By systemising these facilities we give you the ability to systemise your business – this allows you to get the most out of it through property technology and the internet of things (IoT).

Visit our Smart Property Management page for more information.

The Customer Journey

The Typical Customer Journey at Landlord Broadband

Our Wi-Fi Installations

Our bespoke installations will usually consist of a first fix and second fix installation. Or we do a retro-fit installation, depending on the property type and stage of construction.

  • First Fix: Installing the core network cable into the dedicated network room. Installing data cabling from the network room to the dedicated Wi-Fi access point/hard-wired locations.
  • Second Fix: Involves setting up the network room (installing network cabinets, patch panels, routers, switches, and controllers). It also involves terminating and testing all cabling, ceiling/wall mount all access points, the configuration of a seamless Wi-Fi solution and final testing.
  • Retro-Fit: Installation of a Wi-Fi solution into a fully renovated property. Used when Wi-Fi was not part of the development and we have to retrospectively install the system.

For more information, read our article on Wi-Fi installations here.

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Published by Milly Jackson

Marketing and Business Development Assistant – Housing Associations Specialist