Digital Inclusion is now more important than ever. It is helping the nation to stay connected during this unprecedented time. According to NHS Digital, digital inclusion is when people have the ability to use the internet and digital devices such as smartphones. Digital inclusion therefore requires people to have access to the internet through broadband, Wi-Fi or mobile. As a registered social landlord, you can help deliver digital inclusion to your residents by providing internet access.

Overcoming Barriers to Digital Inclusion

You may assume that digital inclusion is no longer an issue in today’s tech-savvy society, however, there are still significant levels of digital exclusion! According to NHS Digital, 11.3 million people in the UK lack the basic digital skills they need to use the internet effectively and 4.8 million people never go online at all. To overcome barriers to digital inclusion, as a registered social landlord you can:

1. Provide access – Provide your residents with access to the internet.
2. Raise awareness – Make your residents aware of the service available to them.
3. Develop skills – Help ensure that your residents have the ability to use the internet and online services. You can do this by providing them with relevant advice and instructions.

The Beauty of Connectivity

Digital Inclusion will allow your residents to access essential online services such as Universal Credit, work from home, stay connected with loved ones and keep entertained!

How Landlord Broadband Can Help

Landlord Broadband specialises in delivering super-fast, hassle-free, fully managed internet to Housing Associations with social and supported housing, Councils and many more property organisations. What’s more, we offer full equipment guarantee and protection against tenant misuse. In addition, there is no-cost exposure and a single bill for easy cost management. To find out how Landlord Broadband can assist you, visit our Social Housing page.

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Written by Milly Jackson#################

Marketing and Business Development Assistant | Housing Associations Specialist