During the current pandemic, University students have found themselves under enormous amounts of pressure, more so affected by the online submission of assignments, but also the underlying factor of having to pay rent on vacant rooms.

What can be done to help students?

According to The Guardian, some student block providers have agreed to waive fees or given discounts on student rents. However, the majority of students with private landlords are having to pay the full remainder of their rent due to clauses in their tenancy agreements. It is recommended to students to contact their landlords immediately as, in extremely rare cases, some tenancy agreements contain a “force majeure” clause allowing parties to terminate a contract if events beyond their control prevent them for performing their obligations under it.

Digital Inclusion – Keeping students in contact with their families

Digital Inclusion is now more important than ever as it is helping the nation to stay connected during this unprecedented time. According to NHS Digital, digital inclusion is when people have the ability to use digital devices such as smartphones and the internet and have access to the internet through broadband, Wi-Fi or mobile. With our WiFi installations for student blocks, students will be able to stay in constant contact with their families with 24/7 quality Wi-Fi connections, allowing them to stay online on social media and use video chat software such as Zoom and FaceTime.

How can Landlord Broadband help?

Landlord Broadband offers the unique service of providing high-performance broadband for new developments. What’s more, we pride ourselves on delivering WiFi installations for new developments on time and to a budget. Unlike other internet providers, we tailor our WiFi installations to the individual developer’s needs.

Our team of fully qualified Wi-Fi specialist engineers can help you with any Wi-Fi-related issues you have, such as ‘dead zones’. Our engineers can supply all building types with top-specification WiFi installations to provide you with an overall enhanced coverage alongside offering full coverage throughout the property and an equal share of the bandwidth to all guest devices.