Recently, we posted an article on the difference between broadband and Wi-Fi to help you understand the value of our bespoke Wi-Fi installations. We received comments regarding why a landlord can’t just install their own Wi-Fi extenders. You could, but you shouldn’t. Let us explain why.

Wi-Fi installations

Wi-fi Extenders will do right?

Wi-Fi extenders, Wi-Fi repeaters, Wi-Fi boosters – however they are marketed, the tech is much the same. Arguably, these products have become outdated. They simply fix one problem by creating another, a complete false economy. Although it may be convenient to pop to your local hardware store and pick up an extender when you’re experiencing tenants complain. In the long run the tech just isn’t a good enough solution.

Cheaper models have only one radio signal to both receive and transmit information. As the data has to use the same path to flow in and out the bandwidth can be drastically reduced for the whole property.  It’s also important to mention, if your property is struggling with Wi-Fi dead zones, it’s likely this is in more than one spot of the property. This is an issue which cannot be fixed by shop bought extenders. As they can only extend the Wi-Fi range once, in one direction from the router. It is not possible to create a bespoke solution.

In short, though a Wi-Fi extender may make the internet accessible in a spot which was previously a dead zone, in, doing this it can majorly decrease the overall bandwidth across the entire property. So in ‘solving’ one problem, you create a much bigger one.

So what makes our Wi-Fi installations different?

We don’t treat your property with a one size fits all solution; we manage the project from start to finish to guarantee you no dead zones. This involves engineer visits to assess the needs, of the property. Taking into account numerous factors such as location, number of residents in the property and even the materials of the walls. From this we can identify two things, the amount of bandwidth required and a bespoke solution to Wi-Fi issues. If you’re curious on the difference between broadband and Wi-Fi issues, click here. Once sufficient broadband is installed, we can begin our cabled Wi-Fi installations. We will place access points throughout the property, ensuring an even share of the bandwidth in each room as well as seamless Wi-Fi connection. This can be demonstrated in a before and after heat map using Ekahau technology.


Wi-Fi installations


In all, we’re more than your average broadband provider. We won’t just plug in a router and leave you to fix the Wi-Fi. Our purpose is to make Wi-Fi work for you. If you would like to know more about our installations, read our article here.

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 Written by Jacqueline Nixon

 Marketing Assistant – Landlords & Letting Agent specialist