Custom Wi-Fi installations can help you to avoid tenant complaints. It is vital that as a landlord or property manager you offer broadband in your properties. Also, it is important to understand the nature of the service.

Does this sound familiar?

“The internet isn’t working”

“I didn’t get my work done today because of the terrible connection in this house!” 

“The internet is working for my roommate but not for me!”

“I have assignments due and the internet keeps going down. DO NOT RENT THIS PLACE”

Bad reviews, like the examples shown above, can be very damaging. People who might have an interest in your property will be put off and current tenants will not seek to renew their contracts.

Often, Wi-Fi and broadband are terms that are seen as one and the same. However, it is important to know that if your tenants are telling you that there is a Wi-Fi outage, it is a problem with the broadband connection.

Or, if you receive complaints that the broadband is working for one roommate but not another, it is due to a poor Wi-Fi installation. Technically, Wi-Fi does not run slow, just as broadband is not what’s connecting your laptop to your router.

Understanding the difference between broadband and Wi-Fi is crucial in deciding which service provider to go with. We recommend Landlord Broadband.

Broadband and Wi-Fi – what is the difference?

Broadband is a wired internet connection that connects your property to the internet from the telephone exchange. This can be via the telephone line, a cable connection, or fibre-optic lines. Broadband can connect directly to certain devices such as PCs or games consoles. To connect to wireless devices it needs Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi is a wireless connection that allows high-speed internet to travel from the home router around the property to the many devices that may be inside it. Issues usually occur when high-street providers offer a one size fits all solution, which as we all know, does not fit all.

The reason why installations need to be custom is that every property is different. At Landlord Broadband, as internet service experts, we understand that. Subsequently, we don’t advertise speeds and prices.

Firstly, we look at your property portfolio and ensure appropriate bandwidth is available based on an estimate of devices per household member. From here we can assess what solution is needed so that the bandwidth is distributed evenly to every member of the household and their devices. Once this assessment is complete, we offer a price and a no dead zone guarantee on all contracts.

These before and after heat maps can help you understand the true value of custom Wi-Fi installations in your property.

Wi-Fi installations heat maps

Wi-Fi installations in new developments

Connectivity isn’t just a luxury, it’s a vital need that fuels productivity for organisations. Wi-Fi is key to the operations of many companies and small businesses. That is because it makes more cost-effective communication possible. It is for this reason that Wi-Fi should be high on developers’ priority list. It should be of the same importance as all other amenities, making broadband for new developments a big consideration.

Developers are in the unique position of being able to plan ahead, and doing so properly is the only way to keep costs low and long-term revenues high. They should account for Wi-Fi at the project’s earliest stages by developers. Wi-Fi is just as vital as water, electricity, and gas supplies.

By prioritising Wi-Fi installations for new developments from day one, you avoid budget issues further down the line. You also increase your property’s value in the minds of prospective tenants; they can move in knowing the building is ready.

How Landlord Broadband can help

Every building is different, and some can present challenges when it comes to delivering connectivity. The make-up of larger structures like apartment blocks and PBSA developments can include materials that prevent signals from reaching people and their devices. What’s more, individual wireless routers in apartments can cause interference as they are unconnected and the networks will clash. We prevent this with our bespoke installations. This means that all tenants have the internet speed that they need to work, FaceTime and get their Netflix fix.

Landlord Broadband covers the full scope of services. We implement system design and network cable installation through the ongoing management of our commerical-grade broadband. Also, we provide customers with full equipment warranties and a unique ‘no dead zone’ guarantee. Our vast experience and 24/7 team allow us to work in an agile way. We’re ready to overcome the hurdles and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Get your free assessment today and a member of our team will gladly get back to you to hear more about your properties, and let you know how we can tailor our package to you. Or, you can contact us here, call 0333 577 0600 or email


Jacqueline Nixon, Marketing Assistant at Landlord Broadband.