When managing HMOs, a lot of time is often spent chasing up utilities, answering tenants’ complaints and maintaining your property. PropTech and Wi-Fi solutions are becoming more and more important for landlords and property organisations. Luckily, there are many ways that new technology can reduce the hassle and the environmental impact of managing your HMO.

Sustainability is a growing concern for many and in our eyes, every little helps! Having effective PropTech and Wi-Fi solutions can be the first step towards this, by reducing energy use, trips to the property and allowing for smart solutions to previously difficult problems. Better yet, they may be easier to implement than you think.

Smart Heating: Internet-driven heating technology

Heating multiple-occupancy properties can be a challenge, especially with bills-inclusive packages. Tenants may have the heating on all day with the windows open, wasting both money and energy, especially in the winter months. Smart Heating allows you to control the temperature and the heating schedule from wherever you are, while tenants can still boost heating when it is not ordinarily on. This means that tenants are happy and warm, but you still have control. So, the heating isn’t running 24/7, meaning lower energy bills and a lower carbon footprint!


Managed Internet: Hassle-Free Wi-Fi Solutions

According to Knight Frank, 66% of students would be willing to pay a rental premium for fast Wi-Fi. In today’s climate, Wi-Fi is no longer optional and can cause a host of problems for landlords. If the Wi-Fi goes down, you often receive endless calls, texts and emails. What’s the alternative? Managed internet services. Your provider monitors managed Wi-Fi solutions, and they will often know about any issues before you do. On top of that, they are exclusive to your property portfolio and should provide the same speed in both directions! How does this help the environment? 24/7/365 support means less engineer visits, therefore less trips to your properties.

Apps for Landlords

There are a whole host of apps available to help you to streamline property management, to save you time and money! From apps that allow you to list your property, to stamp duty calculators and inventory monitoring platforms- there’s something for every need. Plus, if you choose to go mobile with your property management, everything is on one device, so admin time is reduced.

Smart Locks: Remote security solutions

Unfortunately, nobody is perfect, keys often get lost or forgotten and doors are left unlocked. While this is first and foremost a security issue, getting calls at 3am because a key has been left in a taxi is nothing more than hassle! Smart locks mean that you can manage access and control the door from your mobile.

Of course, we’ve only scratched the surface of the possibilities and sustainable potential PropTech and Wi-Fi solutions. You can do much more with the range of solutions on the market. We truly think it’s a case of finding the right solution for your property.

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Written by: Lauren Rose

Marketing Strategy Lead and Landlord & Letting Agent Specialist