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As landlords ourselves, we know that heating multiple-occupancy properties can be a hassle- especially with bills-inclusive packages. Tenants may have heating on all day, even when they are out of the house. Windows may be open while the heating is on full. Not only is this costly to the landlord, but it also increases the environmental impact of your property. Naturally, this presents two problems. Reducing heating usage and maintaining this reduction. The answer: the best smart heating products that save energy and make it easy to manage properties remotely.

This groundbreaking technology allows both tenants and landlords to have control. We configure our technology using industry-leading smart heating management systems which will save you time and money. Giving you the ability to manage your property remotely means fewer engineer visits, therefore less trips to your properties. Moreover, how about fewer surprise bills and a reduced carbon footprint? These are real-time factors that you and your tenants will value.

Control heating in your portfolio with our smart heating

What are the benefits?

  • Maximum temperature caps and the ability to prevent the heating running 24/7
  • The settings can only be altered remotely by you, the landlord- so only you can alter the heating schedule
  • Tenants can ‘boost’ the heating at times when it may not automatically be on- keeping them happy and warm
  • All landlord features are completely remote- to save you valuable travel time to and from properties

By choosing Landlord Broadband to provide the best smart heating for your portfolio, you are guaranteed a hassle-free service. Our nationwide network of expert engineers and 24/7/365 Tenant Support Desk are on hand to help whenever a problem arises. Additionally, you can be sure that we professionally install all services with a guaranteed connectivity at the point of Wi-Fi service installation

How is smart heating installed?

Property management services are installed as part of our professional Wi-Fi installations for landlords. Firstly, we install communications rooms and access points for Wi-Fi. Then, it is at this stage that smart heating systems are installed. By systemising these facilities, we give you the ability to systemise your business. Saving you time and stress.

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