“Housing shortage”, “UK housing crisis”, “We need more affordable homes” etc. The aforementioned headlines have been in the UK news for well over a year now. The issue does not seem to be going away. With the prospect of buying a property slowly disappearing, more and more people are turning to privately rented accommodation to fulfil their housing needs. Thus, more landlords are having to provide high-quality housing amenities such as Wi-Fi. Broadband for new developments is becoming more important to property investors as they know the benefits of having the best Wi-Fi Installations for new build properties.


According to The Property Reporter, “20% of households are now in private rented accommodation across the UK (with 30% of the population renting in London)”. This figure is set to increase even higher with the value of the private rented accommodation market expected to rise 180% by 2024.

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Why Wi-Fi for new build properties?

The public is relying on privately rented accommodation for their homes. Therefore, the demand to include necessities in rented accommodation is also increasing. Water, gas, electric and Wi-Fi Installations are all essential for ones day to day activities. However, this can create a lot of extra work for landlords who already have so much admin work to do. Moreover, the problem is worse for landlords with multiple properties. Having individual bills to sort through for each tenancy is a logistical nightmare and is unnecessary work

How we can help!

Landlord Broadband can provide one monthly Wi-Fi bill for your entire property portfolio. Thus making the administration of bills quick and easy to sort through. Moreover, we provide a fast and reliable Wi-Fi Installations service. It is the best broadband for new developments and for existing properties.

Landlord Broadband offers the unique service of providing high-quality Wi-Fi for new build properties. Unlike other internet providers, we tailor our Wi-Fi installations to the individual developer’s needs. This allows us to fulfil certain guarantees for the Wi-Fi Installations provided. Moreover, we offer full coverage throughout the property and an equal share of bandwidth to all guest devices.

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