Powered by Landlord Broadband, a managed internet service provider you can always rely on while travelling for business!

As a seasoned business traveller, there are a few things I look out for when booking my accommodation. Comfort, location and above all, a great Wi-Fi connection. The internet has changed the way we travel. Over the years I have experience both the worst and the best Wi-Fi for short lets and found that a managed internet service, such as Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation, is always the securest option.

Gone are the days of navigating a new city with a map from the tourist information. No longer do we hoard our change in anticipation of calling home at the nearest payphone. In this ever-evolving modern world, connectivity is more important than ever. We use our smartphones, laptops, tablets, televisions, games consoles, speakers, alarm clocks, coffee machines etc. everyday. They’re all devices that help make our hectic lives become a lot simpler. This is why Wi-Fi is the ultimate lifeline for all business travellers. It allows us to remain connected with our world, while on the road.

In their survey on business travellers, Carlson Wangon Travel highlighted that business travel is still a productive form of work. The main reason behind this is the advancements in technology that have enhanced travel. When travelling for business. Wi-Fi, in your home away from home, is vital. Not only does it allow you to tweak that report for tomorrow’s all important meeting but it also allows you to stay in contact with your loved-ones.

Home away from home…

However, a lack of efficient Wi-Fi in private accommodation has led to business travellers choosing hotels over rented property, in other words, Wi-Fi over comfort. Nobody wants to be calling up their landlord when the internet does go down at 01:30 in the morning, hotels allow you to get around this issue. Unfortunately, Wi-Fi in hotels is limited. You are left feeling both uncomfortable and frustrated with the awkward login processes, slow speed and limited data allowance.

The Solution

This is where Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation comes in. Powered by Landlord Broadband, Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation is a managed internet service . Unlike, other Wi-Fi providers we monitor your service making sure it’s always fully functional and we can even guarantee a 99% network up-time on all our networks. Providing Wi-Fi in private accommodation all over the UK, it guarantees an equal share of bandwidth to all devices, unlimited data and a full bar signal throughout the property. If ever something did go wrong, we have a 24/7/365 support line that you personally – as the tenant –  can contact. You cut out the hassle and wasted time of the middle-man meaning that you can finish tweaking that report, skype the family and then chill out and watch a film.

So the next time you’re going on a business trip, choose Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation – the best Wi-Fi for short lets.

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