Why Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation is the best student Wi-Fi…


Student Wi-Fi is the bread and butter of a higher educational diet. Good Wi-Fi within PBSA is essential for maintaining a routine. Whether tenants are listening to music while cooking, streaming a film, or watching lecture recordings, a good Wi-Fi connection is a must! Poor Student Wi-Fi shouldn’t interrupt their flow. Moreover, I’m sure everybody can relate to the stress of worrying about that whether the Wi-Fi will let you upload that last minute essay.

With our ever-growing reliance on the internet, bad internet connection should not be an extra source of stress for students. After a long day of lectures and seminars you deserve to chill out and watch a film or a TV show. The last thing that is needed is an argument over a tenant hogging bandwidth, or hours on the phone to a high-street provider. This is where Wi-Fi friendly accommodation can help student tenants.

Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation

The solution to all your Wi-Fi worries is Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation. Unlike other internet providers, we provide a managed internet service that is monitored 24/7/365, with a 24/7/365. So, this takes hassle away from the operator and gives them time to deal with other, more significant maintenance issues. Tenants are given agency, and problems are dealt with easily- increasing tenant satisfaction and reducing stress. Our Wi-Fi provides an equal share of bandwidth to all your devices- ideal for complex properties. Whether you have 10 devices or 100, all with get the same high quality internet speed. You don’t have to worry about one device hogging all the Wi-Fi.

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