Why Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation is the best student Wi-Fi…

Equal bandwidth for all!

Nobody likes a #Wifi hog – thats why Landlord Broadband's #WifiFriendlyAccommodation provides an equal share of bandwidth to all devices! Find out more… http://ow.ly/Z3uA30i2jZy

Posted by Landlord Broadband on Saturday, 27 January 2018

Student Wi-Fi is the bread and butter of a higher educational diet. Student Wi-Fi is essential for maintaining a routine.Whether you’re listening to music while your cooking, streaming a fim, or even watching lecture recording, a good Wi-Fi connection is a must! Poor Student Wi-Fi shouldn’t interrupt your flow. There are more important things to worry about that whether your Wi-Fi will let you upload that last minute essay. That is why I’m going to tell you about the best student Wi-Fi out there – Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation.

Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation

Nobody want to deal with the hassle of slow Wi-Fi. With the stresses of university work, Wi-Fi should be used to relax, it shouldn’t increase household tensions. After a long day of lectures and seminars you deserve to chill out and watch a film or a TV show. The last thing that is needed is an argument over the Wi-Fi. That is where we come in…

Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation

The solution to all your Wi-Fi worries is Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation. Unlike other internet providers, it is a managed internet service that is monitored 24/7/365. If you have a problem with your internet, we will usually fix it before you know about it. What makes it the best Wi-Fi for students though is that it provides an equal share of bandwidth to all your devices. Whether you have 10 devices or 100, all with get the same high quality internet speed. You don’t have to worry about one device hogging all the Wi-Fi.

To find out more about Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation click here, or to request it from your landlord, click here.