New Wi-Fi, New Law, New Tenants:

Three reasons why a managed quality broadband service is a cost- effective and highly beneficial addition to your property 1. Quality broadband is feature Tenants look for and will make your property more attractive For many tenants, internet access is considered a ‘fourth utility’ after water, gas and electricity. This is due to the fact […]

A Modern Christmas Carol

The connection was dead to begin with. Let me introduce to you the ghost of Christmas past. Wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life he decided to take an extended vacation, in the far reaches of the country. His days aren’t filled with sullen shoppers or road trips around a […]

Quarterly Newsletter – Autumn 2017

The voice of property technology  Updating you on industry changes and technology developments in our sector     Greetings humans of Landlord Broadband, We have founded  a quarterly newsletter to keep you updated on what we have been getting up to, and what has been moving and shaking in our industry. We hope you find it informative […]

The truth about “up to” broadband speeds

Even though you have the highest advertised speed available on the market your movie keeps buffering. Why is that?. Check out this video to understand the misleading nature of “up to” speeds.

How to survive the Letting Agent fees ban with the help of broadband

Letting agents are facing the proposed bill to ban letting agent fees. According to Landlord News UK, the impact of the proposed bill could potentially affect as much as 10-25% percent of a letting agent’s income.  If you are a letting agent then I’m pretty sure you are not happy about this. However, there are […]

Top ways that broadband in social housing can help relieve cost pressures

Why should you consider Broadband in Social housing? Have you ever considered including broadband in your social housing, housing association or sheltered accommodation?   If the answer is no, it’s probable that you may be worried about the cost or management aspect of it.  But there is a very important reason why you may want to reconsider including […]

Can broadband and Wi-Fi help the construction industry?

Wi-Fi for New developments Are you a developer, a contractor or a mechanical and electrical engineer? Are you planning to construct a new development? Have you a building you wish to refurbish or are you planning to convert a commercial unit into a residential one?  Yes, great! Next question: Are you planning to include Wi-Fi […]

Do you live in Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation?

If you don’t live in Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation, you’re missing out. Check out this video to learn the benefits of Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation and why you need it. Why Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation?

Good Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation and a Laptop are all that a student needs!

Why Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation? Students use their laptop for everything these days. From doing work to listening to music, playing games to watching TV. However, a laptop without a strong Wi-Fi signal is like trying to eat soup without a spoon. Find out in our video why Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation is so important.

As a landlord you need peace of mind that everything is in hand – Wi-Fi Problems

As a landlord you are always on call, some issues can wait….. but what happens when you have  Wi-Fi probelms? Find out in this video! TEXT: With ISP’s this could be you, finally relaxing on a Saturday night after a long week, when unexpectedly your phone rings. Your tenants have Wi-Fi problems, The night is […]