Since we are in lockdown to battle the COVID-19 Pandemic, many of us have had to adapt to working from home, home-schooling children, and entertaining ourselves in ways we never thought we would. Wi-Fi was an integral part of life before the coronavirus pandemic and will continue to be for long afterwards. However, as it’s business as usual here at Landlord Broadband. Our team have realised just how important this fourth utility is.

This is how our marketing team have been utilising the internet to get through the lockdown!


Having access to a great Wi-Fi connection has been crucial to me during the lockdown. As I’m a final year student at University, being able to access my module information on our University website has been the utmost important part of my daily routine. I have to look at opportunities, job and study wise, for after my study ends at the University of York. Having Wi-Fi access 24/7, I have been able to have video-call interviews – thank goodness for Zoom! This has allowed me to be able to secure a postgraduate placement at a leading university.

Wi-Fi has also played an important part in my day-to-day life. I have been able to FaceTime my partner who I haven’t been able to see due to the lockdown rules. In addition, I have been able to find new recipes online to expand my baking collection!

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My typical day in lockdown begins with a coffee and checking my emails- you never know what you’ve missed overnight! From here, I’ll usually log onto the work network. I spend the morning completing any work that needs doing, this could be meetings on Zoom, or social media work (Wi-Fi is an integral resource for both my work and sanity!).

After finishing my morning’s work, I log onto Strava to plan today’s cycling route (although despite pre-planning routes, I will get lost). Or, if I’m lacking time, do a HIIT workout with Joe Wicks. Feeling refreshed after my daily exercise, I then move onto doing work for university online through the afternoon; interactive workshops have become a central part of my course, and online library resources have become invaluable. I do this while listening to my favourite music on Spotify (at the moment, it’s Ride the Lightning by Metallica). During my leisure time, I’ve been trying to keep doing cultural activities; today, it was a virtual tour of Holyrood Palace, from the comfort of my lounge! Virtual wine tastings with my partner have become the event of the week, and when I only have myself to entertain, I love to bake myself a treat and get cosy with an episode of The Crown.

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As a full-time student and mummy of two working from home during this quarantine, my days can be pretty full-on! We usually incorporate P.E into the morning, either streaming a Joe Wicks workout or a character-themed cosmic yoga class to keep the little ones entertained! Once spirits are high, I will print out some worksheets that are available for free online. This is to help parents home school their kids throughout school closures. This is the time I can get some university work done! In the afternoons we tend to pop a recipe on the iPad and do some fun baking, making sure it is both educational and yummy of course! One thing we really miss as a family during lockdown is cinema trips. Instead, we’ve been having to make a “Movie night at home”. We order sweet treats from a local small business and stream a movie onto the TV.

At the end of the day my little ones like to listen to audio books. We have used one of our iPad apps for this. Then once bedtime is complete I use my evenings to complete work for the business since childcare is now a distant memory! Thankfully we can do this safely from home, using the wonders of the internet to have everything ready for our weekly marketing meeting!

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The current circumstances have made me appreciate technology, more specifically, internet accessibility more than ever! Currently, my daily routine is highly reliant on my phone, laptop and Wi-Fi connection. A typical lockdown day begins with using my phone to check in with family and friends, to read through emails and to browse social media. I then use Spotify to listen to music whilst I get ready. Throughout the day I use the internet to complete marketing work for Landlord Broadband or to do my university work. In the evenings, internet usage facilitates an array of activities such as sourcing recipes, watching Netflix or doing video call quiz nights (the best thing to come out of lockdown). My favourite days in lockdown are those that involve ordering delivery takeaway food online – big thank you to the internet for this!

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#KeepingPeopleConnected during lockdown

Every Friday, the whole marketing team meets via Zoom, to discuss what they have been up to that week. Despite being in an unprecedented situation, the team at Landlord Broadband are still here. We are working hard as ever with the goal of #keepingpeopleconnected.

Landlord Broadband #KeepingPeopleConnected