Wi-Fi Extenders VS Wi-Fi Installations

Recently, we posted an article on the difference between broadband and Wi-Fi to help you understand the value of our bespoke Wi-Fi installations. We received comments regarding why a landlord can’t just install their own Wi-Fi extenders. You could, but you shouldn’t. Let us explain why. Wi-fi Extenders will do right? Wi-Fi extenders, Wi-Fi repeaters, […]

Buy-to-let, time to build your property portfolio?

Safe as Houses Safe as houses is a phrase representing the popularity in properties as a place of investment. Government regulation has arguably made it difficult in recent years for landlords to gain more investment properties. Rising taxes and additional stamp duty liabilities have contributed to a reduction in buy-to-let mortgage applications. A Silver Lining […]

Wi-Fi Installations – our custom solutions

Custom Wi-Fi installations can help you to avoid tenant complaints. It is vital that as a landlord or property manager you offer broadband in your properties. Also, it is important to understand the nature of the service. Does this sound familiar? “The internet isn’t working” “I didn’t get my work done today because of the […]

An update for landlords – June 2020

Update for Landlords Welcome to our update for landlords. In this ever changing market, which seems to have multiple updates every week. It’s easy to get caught up in the negative reports, though as time goes on it’s clear that the rental market has the ability to bounce back as strong as it once was, […]

The rental market reopens, but what now?

The rental market is open A green light has been lit on on the rental market! The latest government advice means that as of this week, landlords and letting agents can return to work. The rental market can finally get moving once again. Update on rental market demand A study on Rightmove and Zoopla found […]

Keeping Vacant Properties Secure COVID-19

It goes without saying that the ongoing global pandemic is affecting every aspect of day to day life. For landlords in particular it has brought its challenges; concerns about unpaid rents, longevity of the rental market, house prices. The list goes on. However, one area which might be over looked during lock down, is the […]

Support available to landlords affected by COVID-19

Impact of COVID-19 on landlords Across the UK landlords are facing uncertain times, questioning whether or not tenants will be able to keep up with rent payments throughout the coronavirus outbreak. The government has set out support for landlords and tenants. But the key to getting through this time of hardship, is by maintaining an […]

Managed Broadband – What Is It and How We Can Help

Managed Broadband Every business is unique, they all have different, diverse broadband needs to be able to run efficiently in their day-to-day. Managed broadband is often not at the forefront of the business mind, yet most businesses need it to be able to function. As a result, faults and issues with broadband can cause long […]

Wi-Fi For Landlords – Why You Need It and How We Can Help

Wi-Fi for landlords in property can increase rentability and value: So, why is Wi-Fi for landlords important? According to ‘wowwifi‘ ‘99% of UK commercial properties have wireless speeds of 24Mbps or less’. This is strange considering the emergence and increase in popularity of internet-connected devices. Because of this, there is an increasing expectation for landlords […]

Managed Internet – What is it and Do I Need it?

Understanding Managed Internet Are you looking to switch internet providers for your properties? While it may seem like the easiest option to choose a high-street provider, managed internet services may be the best option for you! But, what are they? ‘Managed internet’ services are monitored and supervised by your provider, 24/7. They are exclusive to […]