Wi-Fi for landlords in property can increase rentability and value:

So, why is Wi-Fi for landlords important?

According to ‘wowwifi‘ ‘99% of UK commercial properties have wireless speeds of 24Mbps or less’. This is strange considering the emergence and increase in popularity of internet-connected devices. Because of this, there is an increasing expectation for landlords to live up to tenant demands and provide an internet connection as standard. Gone are the days where it was a luxury. Tenants expect Wi-Fi the same way they expect electricity, water and gas.

Wi-Fi for landlords attracts and retains tenants (madebywifi). Due to the competitive nature of the rental market, prospective tenants are turning to the added-value amenities to aid them in their decision to rent or not. Offering Wi-Fi in your property is no different than offering a laundry room or gym, it will entice tenants.

Finally, providing Wi-Fi to your tenants will enable you to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Wi-Fi is an important part of most tenants day to day lives. However, there is a significant shortage in the number of landlords who provide Wi-Fi services of connection to their residents. By taking advantage of this gap in the market, your properties you will appear unique and desirable to prospective tenants.


How we can help – Broadband for landlords:

We offer broadband for landlords:

A hassle-free service

We take care of everything, under our eight-point hassle-free service guarantee, Our 24/7/365 Tenant Support Desk provides leading customer support; and you receive a single monthly bill for your portfolio, itemized by property. What could be simpler?

No liability

We provide unlimited use of broadband and control phone line usage, which means no surprises for you. We also provide a free of charge legal document to go in your tenancy agreement. Subsequently, this protects you against tenant internet misuse.

Flexible service to support your properties

Rental circumstances can change at short notice, and landlords are often the ones who pay the price. Internet access is a must for tenants. However, if the service is included in the rental package and the rent hasn’t been paid then you are well within your rights to suspend the service until the matter is resolved. We can switch the service on and off at your request to support you in chasing rent arrears.

We put you in control

If tenants install their broadband, you are handing control of engineering work at your property over to them. Choosing Landlord Broadband means you are fully in control. To expand, this includes any cabling work required at your property to complete the installation.

The fastest Wi-Fi technology

We supply only robust, high-specification equipment, giving your tenants access to the fastest and most consistent internet speeds.

Fair bandwidth for each tenant

We manage the service to ensure that each tenant receives an equal share of bandwidth.

Specialists in your sector

We specialize in managed internet for landlords. We understand your sector inside out. Our product has been designed and built specifically to help you create more marketable properties.

If you need more information on how our Wi-Fi for landlords could benefit you click here.