The internet is a great thing. It allows you to connect, interact, discover and explore. It can also be a tool, to better your self, your goals, and more relevantly, your properties! The decision to include Wi-Fi throughout your property portfolio and to provide internet access to tenants is often a beneficial one – it can improve the marketability of your properties and make them more competitive in the rental market.

Managed Internet Access

Managed Internet Access (MIA) is a connection devoted to your properties – similar to leased lines. The Ethernet is responsible for the delivery of this type of connection. They provide high performance, consistent speed in both directions. The inclusion of MIA will provide a platform from which you can achieve quality and hassle-free Wi-Fi connectivity.

Think of MIA as an investment – it is more expensive than traditional internet connectivity. In this modern era, access to internet connection in rental properties is standard. Therefore, to remain competitive landlords, letting agents, and property owners need to be able to provide a quality, high standard, and fast connection to their tenants.

So why do you need us?

At Landlord Broadband, we specialise in delivering fast, hassle-free, managed internet services for multiple occupancy properties, shared housing and short-stay lets. As a specialist business-to-business provider, we understand the importance of reliable quality Wi-Fi in your property portfolio.

  • Our network has been purpose-built to be able to cope with the internet demands in shared housing. Thus our systems should require little to no maintenance.
  • Our fully-managed internet services take the stress out of a large internet instalment. Therefore, we will save valuable time and stress from your working day.

Due to our extensive experience, we consider ourselves industry experts who focus on tried and tested, reliable engineering and technology. Our goal is that you can install it, rely on it, and forget about it!

*According to our 2019 student survey


For more information see these reference websites: leased line comparison and Southern Comms.