Are you a student landlord deciding whether to provide internet to tenants?

The decision to provide internet to tenants is a tricky one often fraught with questions; is it worth the financial investment? What benefit could providing internet access have for you? Providing internet for tenants could encourage existing tenants to stay for multiple years but also make your property more appealing to prospective tenants.

A reliable, fast, and hassle-free internet connection is vital for students these days. Because a majority of university work has shifted to being based online Wi-Fi inclusion is a strong requirement, that is increasingly expected, from landlords today.

Why should you include Wi-Fi in your property?

Some students complain that they cannot get a consistent Wi-Fi signal in their university accommodation rooms*, when a lot of this internet is being used for their studies* this could dramatically affect their decision as to whether or not to remain in their property for the following years.

In our 2019 student survey we found that a landlord providing internet access in their property made prospective tenants:

  • 82% likely to view the property;
  • and 88% likely to rent the property.


more likely to view

more likely to rent


This suggests that providing internet access for tenants can add valuable appeal to your property in this ever-competitive market.

How we can help with your Wi-Fi inclusion:

Including Wi-Fi in your properties doesn’t have to be a hard task. We have extensive experience working with a range of property portfolio sizes to include fast, quality, and hassle-free Wi-Fi. With our help, we can make your experience of including Wi-Fi as part of your rental agreement, straightforward and hassle-free. Subsequently, we will increase the appeal and rentability of your property as soon as possible.

*According to our 2019 Student Survey

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