Three reasons why a managed quality broadband service is a cost-effective and highly beneficial addition to your property

1. Quality broadband is feature Tenants look for and will make your property more attractive

For many tenants, internet access is considered a ‘fourth utility’ after water, gas and electricity. This is due to the fact that most tenants are aged between 18 and 3. A demographic that has grown up using the internet and relying on it.  In addition to this more people than ever are working from home, including students who require connectivity to complete assignments. A recent study of 500 25-30-year-old tenants, carried out by LivingCom, revealed some interesting findings on broadband in rental properties proving this:

– 8 in 10 participants believe high-speed internet connectivity is an essential part of renting.

– 96% of young professional tenants say a lack of internet access when moving into a rental property is a source of major frustration.

– 75% would be more inclined to rent a property that had pre-installed internet access.

 2. Broadband service will save you, the Landlord, time and money (Providing super-fast Wi-Fi is about to become a law)

Here at Landlord Broadband, you get everything in one bill, you don’t have to worry about several bills. Our broadband is also a tax-deductible expense which means it’s actually cheaper than you think. In addition to this, if you manage multiple residences within a given area they can be grouped together on a secure, shared connection. This means you’ll only have one broadband set up to manage and one bill to pay for all those properties.

With the government manifesto pledge coming in the New Year that states high-speed Wi-Fi is a legal right, it’s a great idea to be ahead of the curve and jump on the bandwidth bandwagon!

3. It reduces pain energy and late-night calls for both parties

According to, 96% of young UK professionals are frustrated by a lack of immediate Wi-Fi access when they move into a new property.  75% reported that they would be more inclined to rent a property that had pre-installed internet access. With us all they will need is a password, it’s as simple as that. We are aware that if you do provide the Wi-Fi there’s nothing worse than a tenant calling up at 3am to complain about it not working. That’s why we have a 24-hour service to sort out your pain problems so you don’t have to. Lastly, we provide super-fast reliable broadband, which leaves us happy, you happy and most importantly your tenants happy.

Happy New Year and Happy New Wi-Fi from Landlord Broadband.


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