Are you a developer, a contractor or a mechanical and electrical engineer? Are you planning to construct a new development?  Yes, great! Next question: Are you planning to include broadband for new build properties? Your answer may be no, however, internet usage is increasing all the time, alongside The Internet of Things and IoT technology. This means that including internet in your Build To Rent development is key!

Competitive Advantage:

Many building companies are competing by using green credentials like BREEAM and LEED ratings to attract potential buyers. They look on how to improve the sustainability of new builds by reducing energy, heat and water consumption, etc. However, they have ignored altogether the internet of things (IoT). That is to say, the interconnection of devices through the internet a.k.a Wi-Fi. Devices connect and “speak” to each other to detect issues and react to them. So imagine if your building had a strong reliable Wi-Fi in every room, and devices that can control remotely the heating and electricity. The internet of things will digitalise and manage the utilities making the building much more sustainable. This is one of the principles of circular economy, which means credibility for you in the green department. Wi-Fi and IoT technology for new developments really is worth it.

The internet of Things:

It’s clear that the IoT technology could increase the cost savings for gas, electricity and water  at the same time. It will make the space more attractive to potential buyers and renters since the cost of them is expected to rise. So it makes sense to build in the capabilities for the future. What you need then is a broadband installation and Wi-Fi connectivity that can provide a strong reliable Wi-Fi signal for your new development. It needs to be able to  handle the amount of internet traffic those devices would generate.  If you are tendering for contracts or if you are the developer, it could be a unique selling point for prospective customers. It would help future proof the building against utilities costs making the property’s future value increase with time instead of it devaluating.

Value added to the property:

The internet is now viewed as a necessity. Access to the internet is now a human right and for many, more important than water.  Every day the things that can be achieved by using the internet grows and people have more devices that need Wi-Fi than ever. Both of these numbers are expected to rise.

So why should you care? Because internet for new developments will add significant value. Especially if you are a developer that invests in property to let or in a property managing company. Including bills is an upward trend. In a competitive marketing like this one, having value added to the property is always a good thing. However it’s even better when the cost of the installation is tax deductible and the service itself would be cost neutral to you, isn’t it?

Internet Service Provider:

So you are probably thinking that you may not have to pay for the services but you definitely will have to endure any problems arising with the internet. This doesn’t have to be true. It all will depend on the Internet Service Provider (ISP) that you choose. With Wi-Fi managed services any problems that arise are dealt directly by the tenant and the company. This leaves you out of the problem to relax or do whatever you want.  Since this is a feature that adds value to your property you need to look for an ISP that can actually provide a good service to the whole property that doesn’t drop every 10 seconds. Otherwise your customers are not going to see this as value but more like a rip-off.  You definitely don’t want your brand being affected by a third party service.

Cost effectiveness of professional broadband and Wi-Fi installations:

Having a professional broadband for new build is tax deductible. So if you are developer this will reduce your taxes while at the same time add value to the property. If you are a contractor then subcontracting the installation to a professional service provider will give you the chance to charge an overhead for the services but also enhance the quality of your brand. By having the installation looking good and the Wi-Fi working perfectly with no dead zone areas in any part of the property, you can help the IoT technology to run smoothly.

Secondly, a professional Build To Rent Wi-Fi installation will not affect the inside look of the finished unit. There will be no cabling lying around rivalling the decoration making it look untidy and disorganised.  This in turn will help to attract more potential customers and if you rent, you will reduce the void periods as the property will be easy on the eye while providing them with an extra service.  A professional installation will also prevent accidents from tripping wires which could potentially lead to a civil suit. So beauty and safety, what more could you want?

Get in Touch:

Getting on with these upwards trends early means that you could reap the benefits.  And let’s face it, in this complicated political and economic climate; can you afford not to have a competitive edge?

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