Is Broadband for Social Housing for You?

Our social housing sector page explains what we can provide for you and the benefits of providing internet access to social housing tenants. Make sure to give it a read if you are unsure about whether we are the provider for you. If you want more information, keep reading!

Internet Access for Social Housing Tenants

Infrastructure is only the start for housing associations wanting to provide internet access. The necessity of the Internet of Things (IoT) and internet access for social housing tenants is growing rapidly. For registered social landlords, implementing digital inclusion strategies and getting the right infrastructure in place is vital. Finding the right broadband provider for social housing tenants is just as important. It’s a big investment and could bring huge value to your property.

Digital inclusion for Social Housing Tenants

Access to a stable, high-speed, internet connection is as important as water.  Wi-Fi is a utility, rather than a luxury. Hence Wi-Fi is a utility that provides digital inclusion to people who need it most because they can source jobs and access online skills on the internet. The Government’s “Digital Inclusion” initiative seeks to open up access to help the career prospects of people living in social housing. This is because of the numerous benefits internet access can bring from finance help to education and jobs.

Everybody benefits

It’s important to remember that landlords are providing a service to a customer. If the internet for social housing tenants provided is high-speed and managed well it will present an attractive option for residents. And, it will further augment digital inclusion.

Landlords can use the connection to run estates and buildings more efficiently. Therefore using connected devices and the Internet of Things (IoT), the landlord can have more control over heating and power. The Landlord could use the devices for site maintenance e.g to control sprinkler systems, CCTV and operating security doors. Furthermore, the IoT systems could potentially save more money over time, which you can invest back into the properties.

Registered social landlords are not only providing digital inclusion, they are laying a stable foundation on which families, students and the elderly can build their lives.

What can we do for you?

We can support your journey to digital inclusion by helping and advising on the most effective digital infrastructures. Our installation team manage the delivery of infrastructures. Above all the team will provide internet access for social housing tenants and complete cabling and fibre installations quickly with minimal disruption to your residents. With our fully managed internet service, if problems arise they will be fixed before you even know it. Furthermore, with 24/7 helpdesk support, we can speedily help tenants to fix any issues.

To find out more about how our experienced team can help you develop or implement your Digital Inclusion strategy, click the button below to request a free assessment!