Digital transformation in housing associations is the integration of technology into the workplace to optimize the organisation’s services. To expand, it is a new business strategy being implemented across the housing sector and many other organisations.

Digital innovations can greatly improve the customer service experience. They can improve the efficiency of organisations and reduce the chance of wasting time and resources. With the Internet of Things and automation taking over, business must keep up with technology in order to stay competitive. In other words, it is very apparent that digital transformations are fundamental to the modernity of businesses and their services and are an important part of the overall customer experience.

In this digital age, businesses must go beyond simply purchasing and using new technology. Successful digital transformations require structural changes.

For example:

  • To optimize the improvements made with new technology, employees should be trained to use/implement the new technology into the business. In addition, they should be taught how to utilize this technology within their own roles to help the company complete tasks and reach goals.
  • New systems should seamlessly integrate into the old ones. Introducing more systems should improve the service and make it easier for employees to carry out their tasks.
  • There should be a business model that allows for digital improvements to be made. Having the right infrastructure can optimize the transformation so that organisations can get the best results possible.

There are many benefits to digital transformation for housing associations, including:

Digital Transformations and Cost-control

Digital transformations can help with cost control within businesses in the long-term. Despite digital transformations initially being costly, the money and time saved on inefficient technology and systems will accumulate. Redistributing the resources saved can help improve other areas of the business where necessary.

Automation and Artificial Intelligence for Housing Associations

Using automation and artificial intelligence can improve the flexibility of the service for both the supplier and customer. Furthermore, automation and artificial intelligence can help businesses to provide easy and quick services. They saves employee time, which can be reinvested into other aspects of the company.

Customers/tenants could use these changes to book repairs, pay rent and access support online. This would give customers a choice on how they use and access the service. Above all, the changes made by digital transformations can promote digital inclusion within housing associations and allow for more accessibility within the service. Accessibility is important for those who need to access information and services remotely and for those who find social interactions difficult. For instance, having an AI chat function can help customers quickly get answers to questions hassle-free.

Virtual Viewings in the Housing Sector

Virtual viewings are a huge opportunity for housing associations. They are not a compromise; they are a valuable resource that can transform the way the housing sector works. Most importantly, virtual viewings can be just as in-depth and helpful as in-person ones. Decreasing unnecessary travel can enable businesses to hold viewings more frequently and allow businesses and customers to save money.

How Landlord Broadband Can Help

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Written by Ayeisha Thompson

Marketing Assistant – Housing Association Specialist

Published: 23/04/21