Channel shift efficiency

As budgets continue to shrink and expectations continue to rise, many housing associations have explored different ways to effectively drive their mission. Shifting to digital channels of engagement with citizens is one way to save money and increase efficiency. Channel shift provides internet access and moves all paper-based communication online. But achieving channel shift is challenging with outdated tools. A strong super-fast Wi-Fi connection such as ours is essential for this. Channel shift brings with it the perk of digital inclusion. Furthermore, having Housing Associations online opens tenants up to online job hunting, education and finance.

The internet of things (IoT) and asset management

The internet of things and asset management can turn properties into ‘smart’ homes. For example, adding sensors gives housing associations the ability to remote control houses without sending people in. From monitoring damp levels to remotely controlling the heating, ‘smart homes’ are the future and can be much more efficient and cheaper than engineers in the long run.

Top Channel shift tips

1. Don’t assume

It’s a common misconception that older customers or those from deprived areas won’t and don’t use digital services. Looking at mobile usage and thinking about how the service experience works on that device can help to decide the best way to move online. It’s a route to digital interaction, as well as a simple approach to designing the channel shift experience.

2. Make it intuitive

Making the digital experience as intuitive as possible gives the user a smart sense of logic and familiarity, desirable whether they’re occasional or experienced users. Platforms such as the  Inspire home automation system which give landlords the power to set temperature limits for tenants to restrict excessive usage, saves the landlord time and money and is just the beginning for prop-tech. It is a great example of an intuitive digital experience.

3. Sell it

Clearly communicate the benefits and advantages digital channels can provide to your customers, rather than trying to play down the channel shift or hang on to the familiar. Customers may not automatically consider the change a benefit. Therefore, it is important to do as much as possible to encourage trial and drive adoption.

4. Provide support

Don’t take away all other channel access overnight. Understand not just the interaction between different channels, but also the best way and medium to provide help and support to your customers. This could be a combination of online self-serve with a live telephone option back-up too.

How Landlord Broadband can help

Our fully managed internet service can help to streamline operational processes and integrate the Internet of Things. Alongside these benefits, we can offer 24/7/365 support, a no dead zone guarantee and an overall hassle-free experience.

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