The Problem: Providing a strong and reliable Wi-Fi signal to all areas

This property consists of 9 supported living flats for 10 tenants and additional staff users. With supported living tenants often being vulnerable members of society, the inclusion of Wi-Fi in this type of accommodation is essential.

A custom Wi-Fi installation was required.

What was Required for the Property?

  • All flats required a unique username and password for accessing the secure Wi-Fi service
  • An additional username and password was required for staff members
  • A signal of -67 dB to all tenanted areas was required with sufficient wireless capacity for multiple devices per user

Planning the Installation

In order to provide a seamless Wi-Fi solution, a site survey and Wi-Fi design was required.

  • The first step was a site survey. We liaised with the housing association and visited the premises to locate the best area for the network equipment. In addition, we assessed cable routes, Wi-Fi access point locations and the signal strength from these proposed locations.
  • We followed up with Wi-Fi design. This involved uploading the floor plans onto our Wi-Fi  design software, scaling & aligning the plans, drawing the buildings and inputting all attenuation materials such as walls, doors, electrical appliances, furniture etc.
  • We then created Wi-Fi coverage heatmaps before creating a channel and power plan for 2.4 and 5Hz to avoid CCI.
  • Finally, we created a capacity plan to ensure the wireless capacity would be sufficient for all devices to connect concurrently.

The Installation Process

Next, we installed a bespoke Wi-Fi solution.

  • Once the design & proposal was confirmed, our team of engineers visited site to carry out the network & Wi-Fi installation. This work involved setting up the network room & network equipment, routing the external network into the network room, installing data cabling into the dedicated locations and mounting the Wi-Fi access points.
  • Lastly, we configured the network and carried out final testing.

The Result

This supported living accommodation now has a fully managed and supported Wi-Fi system. Furthermore, we have provided them with a No Dead Zone Guarantee for their tenants and staff.

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Download the pdf copy of this 9 supported living flats case study here.