The Problem: Providing excellent Wi-Fi coverage for large student accommodations.

Landlord Broadband were contacted to do a custom Wi-Fi installation for 166 County Road. This student rental accommodation was a 9 bed and 2-story student housing facility. Tenants were working from home, video-calling, streaming and online gaming meaning it was critical to have a secure Wi-Fi network. It was essential the custom Wi-Fi could reach throughout the entire property. Our aim was to make it possible for students to transfer rooms around the 9-bed, 2-lounge facility while retaining a strong Wi-Fi connection.

A retro-fit Wi-Fi installation was required. 

What was required for the property?

  • -67 dBm Wi-Fi signal to all tenanted areas in the property.
  • A secure, roaming Wi-Fi throughout the whole building.
  • End users are students and will be working from home, video calling, streaming and online gaming.

The solution

  • Firstly, we carried out a site survey: This was to assess cable routes and Wi-Fi access point locations. As part of our survey, we assessed the proposed Access Point locations by testing the performance & coverage to ensure that there are sufficient devices throughout. We also had to ensure that there is sufficient Wi-Fi capacity for up to 60 wireless devices.
  • Secondly, we followed up with Wi-Fi design: For this property of 9 beds, 2 lounges over 2 floors the design of the Wi-Fi was important to ensure coverage across the property. We designed the Wi-Fi so that the data cabling could be installed externally as the property was fully refurbished, and the data cabling had to be installed in the least intrusive way.


  • Thirdly, we moved onto the installation: Which involved installing a fibre optic link cable to the network room for the FTTP connection, commission a 100Mps full fibre broadband service and setting up the network cupboard.
  • Additionally, after this, installing, terminating and testing 6 CAT6 data cables was the next step. This was before mounting the Wi-Fi access points and configuring the Wi-Fi network.


  • Moreover, once these had all been complete, we carried out final testing from all areas.
  • Finally, we provided log on details for the tenants.

The result

Overall, the 9 bed student rental custom Wi-Fi installation meant, the student rental had a seamless roaming Wi-Fi service and offering a strong and reliable Wi-Fi connection to all tenanted areas allowing users to simultaneously video call, game, work from home & stream.


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