The Problem: Providing sufficient Wi-Fi for a large number of tenants.

Our professional, custom Wi-Fi installations for Build to Rent properties focus on providing the correct bandwidth, wireless capacity and wireless coverage to all tenanted areas. This property was made up of 21 flats, which housed 37 tenants over 8 floors. The layout of the flats and the thick walls throughout this building posed many Wi-Fi challenges, as you can imagine. A meticulous & bespoke Wi-Fi design was necessary to meet the demands of the tenants.

What was required for the property?

  • A strong & reliable Wi-Fi signal to all tenanted areas, not exceeding -70 dBm.
  • Sufficient wireless capacity for up to 150 devices.
  • A secure Wi-Fi network for every flat.
  • A 1000/1000 Mbps leased line.

Our Build to Rent broadband solution

To solve the problem, we used our bespoke Wi-Fi design processes to provide the optimum service for the property. 

  • The first step was a site survey: We liaised with the client and the contractors to discuss feasible cable routes, Wi-Fi access point locations and the best place for the main network cabinet.
  • We followed up with Wi-Fi design: This involved uploading the floor plans onto our Wi-Fi design software and then scaling the plans. Next, we drew the buildings and input all attenuation areas such as walls, doors, electrical appliances, furniture etc. We then created Wi-Fi coverage heatmaps before creating a channel and power plan for 2.4 and 5 GHz to avoid Co-Channel Interference (CCI). Finally, we created a capacity plan to ensure the wireless capacity would be sufficient for all devices to connect concurrently.
  • The next step was the custom Wi-Fi installation: The client used their M & E contractors to install CAT 6 data cabling from the network room to the Wi-Fi access points locations.
  • The second fix stage came next: We returned to the site to install and commission a 1000 Mbps fibre optic leased line. We also set up the network cabinet then terminated, tested, and certified all the network cabling. After that, we mounted Wi-Fi access points to the ceilings and configured the Wi-Fi network. We finished by conducting final testing from all areas and provided log on details for the tenants.

The Result

We created a robust and secure Wi-Fi system that allowed all 37 tenants to work from home, stream, game and browse simultaneously. Our Build to Rent broadband solution was able to provide sufficient bandwidth for all tenants with no dead zones. In addition, our single portfolio bill and 24/7/365 tenant support means that that there is no hassle for the landlord, leaving us with another happy customer!

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