The problem: providing all students with sufficient Wi-Fi connectivity

This property included 24 student flats spanning over 3 floors, plus a separate rental house attached to the building. As students were the end users it was vital to ensure that they all have access to a strong Wi-Fi signal with sufficient wireless capacity for their multiple devices.

A bespoke Wi-Fi installation was required.

What was required for the property?

  • A seamless roaming Wi-Fi solution
  • A secure & unique user account for each tenant for them to login to when using the Wi-Fi
  • A minimum signal of –67 dB to all areas
  • Sufficient bandwidth & wireless capacity for up to 120 devices to simultaneously stream, video call, game and download files

Our Wi-Fi installation

Various aspects needed to be considered before the installation could take place.

  • We were contacted quite late on in the project timeline with Wi-Fi being a critical part of this development.
  • Our engineers visited site and carried out a Wi-Fi survey using our design software.
  • The biggest challenge was assessing the access point locations as the building was near completion, so the cable routes had to be planned meticulously.
  • We liaised with the onsite contracts and provided them with the cabling requirements.

Once the data cabling was in place we visited the site to carry out the second fix Wi-Fi Installation which involved:

  • Terminating and testing all data cabling
  • Setting up the network room
  • Installing a 6u data cabinet, installing a router, radius server, POE switch and controller into the cabinet. Terminating all data cabling onto a patch panel
  • Installing the Wi-Fi access points into the dedicated locations
  • A roaming Wi-Fi network was configured with a radius server providing each tenant with a secure and isolated connection.
  • Final testing was carried out and a No Dead Zone Guarantee was provided

The result

Speeds of over 500 Mbps were achieved over Wi-Fi in all tenanted areas. This means that all student tenants now have sufficient Wi-Fi connection for all their education, work and leisure needs, including streaming, gaming and video calls.

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