WiFi Installations For Student Accommodation

Wi-Fi is the most essential asset in student accommodation. Worldwide, students rely on a consistent wifi connection for their coursework, access to University websites, social media, online gaming and most recently video streaming websites such as Netflix and Disney Plus. The generic Wi-Fi provided by Universities on campus is often slow and unreliable, frequently making it hard for students to work during their free periods, therefore offering fast, reliable Wi-Fi in off-campus accommodation becomes a fundamental need.

As purpose-built student blocks are ever-increasing, the more modern buildings do not tend to feature ethernet port access points (this is in order to have more than one device connected to the internet at any one time) – not to mention that modern technology devices do not cater for these cables at all!

WiFi Installations for Student Blocks Being Constructed

Like all essential wiring, it makes sense to have it installed while the building is still being constructed. The reason for this is because it creates a more appealing finish as there aren’t wires hanging loose around the building, and also saves paying an installation cost in the future.
Student working on laptop
The choice of having Wi-Fi installations prebuild ensures that the building will not only be aesthetically pleasing but also adheres strongly to all health and safety measures as it creates an environment where there are no wires that can be tripped over. The choice of having WiFi installations prebuild also helps avoid future issues, such as landlords not willing to allow an installation to be completed.

How we can help?

– For new student blocks being built:

Landlord Broadband offers the unique service of providing high-performance broadband for new developments. What’s more, we pride ourselves on delivering WiFi installations for new developments on time and to a budget. Unlike other internet providers, we tailor our WiFi installations to the individual developer’s needs.

Our team of fully qualified Wi-Fi specialist engineers can help you with any Wi-Fi-related issues you have, such as ‘dead zones’. Our engineers can supply all building types with top-specification WiFi installations to provide you with an overall enhanced coverage alongside offering full coverage throughout the property and an equal share of the bandwidth to all guest devices.

– For existing student blocks:

Landlord Broadband offers a unique and quality managed internet service. Our focus is on providing:
• Reliable connectivity;
• With 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year UK based tenant support;
• A hassle-free service guarantee, and;
• A ‘Wi-Fi no dead zone’ guarantee, plus many others!

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