If you are a landlord or property manager who offers broadband in your properties, or are thinking about doing so. It’s vital that you understand the nature of that service, and how custom Wi-Fi installations can help better it. Especially once you begin to get tenant complaints.

“The Wi-Fi isn’t working”

“I didn’t get my work done today because of the terrible WiFi in this house!” 

“The internet is working for my room mate but not for me!”

“I have assignments due and the internet keeps going down. DO NOT RENT THIS PLACE”

Sound familiar?

These kind of reviews being posted on social media act as quite terrible marketing for your property. Wi-Fi and broadband are terms often used interchangeably, however if your tenants are telling you there is a Wi-Fi outage it’s important to understand this is actually a problem with the broadband connection. Or if you receive complaints that the broadband is working for one housemate but not another, it’s actually insufficient Wi-Fi installations. Wi-Fi doesn’t run slow, just as broadband isn’t what’s connecting your laptop to your router. Understanding the difference between broadband and Wi-Fi is crucial in deciding which service provider to install in your property. (You guessed it, we recommend Landlord Broadband, heard of them?)

So broadband and Wi-Fi, what is the difference?

Broadband is a wired internet connection that connects your property to the internet from the telephone exchange. This can be via the telephone line, a cable connection or fibre-optic lines. Broadband can connect directly to certain devices such as PC’s or games consoles however to connect to wireless devices it needs Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is a wireless connection which allows high speed internet to travel from the home router around the property to the many devices that may be inside it. The problem which can arise from high-street providers, is offering a one size fits all solution.

Every property is different; from its location to the floor plan and even the materials in the walls. Here at Landlord Broadband we understand that. That’s why we don’t advertise speeds and prices. Firstly we look at your property portfolio, and ensure appropriate bandwidth is available to the property based on an estimate of devices per household member. From here we can assess what Wi-Fi solutions are necessary so that this bandwidth is distributed evenly to every member of the household. Once this assessment is complete, we offer a price and a no dead zone guarantees on all contracts.

These before and after heat maps can help you understand the true value of custom Wi-Fi installations in your property.

Wi-Fi installations heat maps

So, if you want happy tenants, rely on us for your Wi-Fi installations, complete our assessment form and a member of our team will gladly get back to you to hear more about your properties, and let you know how we can tailor our package to you.


Jacqueline Nixon Marketing Assistant Landlord specialist