An aging population, and a society that is becoming ever dependent on the internet. Technology has turned it’s focused from Millennials to Wi-Fi for the elderly.


Wi-Fi can help the elderly stay safe with alert buttons on mobile devices. From apps that help with blood pressure such as Blood pressure IBP and Pill reminder app Pill reminder Pro. Technology has revolutionised keeping the elderly safe. There may be times when a primary caregiver needs step outside or run an errand. Apps such as Red Panic Button gives the elderly immediate help when they are alone. Wi-Fi for the elderly can be life-saving, and provide multiple safety benefits. Therefore allowing the carer to worry less and give peace of mind to the elderly.

Mindfulness and brain training

Giving an elderly person access to Wi-Fi can help them to keep busy. With puzzles, crosswords and other interactive games that keep their brains active, Wi-Fi for the elderly has been proven to help their mental health (Life Hacks). Apps such as Crossword are proven to be brilliant stimulating the brain, improving memory and cutting dementia risk. Playing online crosswords in a group can also help to combat loneliness and trigger social bonding.

Wi-Fi in Assisted housing

Wi-Fi in assisted housing is an ever-growing trend with the population of ‘Silver surfers’ growing. A silver surfer is ‘an elderly person who is a regular or enthusiastic user of the Internet’. These silver surfers have also been shown to move into assisted housing at a younger age because assisted living can be fun and it brings value to their lives (Senior Advice). Wi-Fi in assisted housing is a crucial part of their lives. From connecting to their families to staying up to date with their grandchildren on Facebook Wi-Fi for the elderly is a growing aid and trend.

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