The internet for serviced accommodation that is provided by operators is often cheap and unreliable. Wi-Fi is something that serviced accommodation should include, and therefore should be a strong, reliable connection. 90.7% of customer reviews online pinpoint the fact that Wi-Fi in serviced accommodation makes their trip unsatisfactory as they are unable to stay in touch with relations over social media, email, video calls etc. without using their mobile data.

What do the results tell us?

When taking a closer look at online reviews the 90.7% of customers who said that they were not satisfied with the Wi-Fi provided they mainly seem to focus around three main points:

  • Majority of reviews stated that the Wi-Fi in serviced accommodation can only be accessed in reception.
  • The signal isn’t strong enough in different rooms.
  • Most apartments made up of numerous floors don’t get good strength, or any Wi-Fi connection on the top floors.

The other 9.3% were satisfied with the Wi-Fi provided for the price they paid for the overall accommodation.

How does this affect the occupancy rates?

If the Wi-Fi provided for serviced accommodation is not sufficient, customers will write negative reviews online. These online reviews will, in turn, decrease the occupancy rate as clients will not book an apartment that has bad reviews.

2017 saw a result of 81.7% occupancy rate for the UK overall. London saw an increase of 2.2% (83.8%) and Edinburgh 0.4% (84.4%), whereas the rest of the UK saw a decline of 1.7% (79.7%). The overall increase in occupancy rates has led to an increase in ADR (Average Daily Rate).

Average Daily Rate

The average daily rate for serviced apartments depends on the location, and size of the accommodation.

Overall, the UK’s ADR increased by an average of 5.4% to £148.80. London’s ADR increased by 9.8% (£194.74), Edinburgh reported a growth in ADR by 7.3% (£119.21). Manchester saw a decrease in ADR of 3.4% (£100.09).

How can we help?

By making your properties more attractive to prospective guests, Landlord Broadband can help you increase your occupancy rate and ADR. And, as you would expect from a fully managed service, our team will take care of everything.  From initial setup to providing full helpdesk support for guests’ Wi-Fi queries we handle it all.

What’s more, you benefit from our full equipment guarantee, protection against tenant misuse, no cost exposure and a single bill for easy cost management. To find out how Landlord Broadband could benefit you, request a free portfolio assessment today or contact us for more information about our specialist broadband service.